Small bathroom lighting ideas

Great small bathroom lighting ideas can make a big difference inside a compact space, growing a feeling of volume and rendering it feel bigger. It will help take full advantage of the area available by enabling you to adjust the atmosphere based on the time – from vibrant light when you wish an invigorating shower in order to clean the area, to some soft glow for any relaxing mood because the day draws to some close.

There are lots of methods to introduce lighting right into a small bathroom, from downlights within the ceiling to pendants, wall lights and occasional-level lights. A mixture of lights are going to provide you with more choices for your bathrooms ideas – even an out of the box mirror with built-in illumination might help reflect light and make up a more spacious feel within the room.

Here we showcase the very best small bathroom lighting ideas to be able to increase your space.


(Image credit: Jean Liu Design. Photography: Stephen Karlisch)

Decorative small bathroom lighting can also add a little glamor, which is particularly useful for smaller sized spaces where it may add impact and personality to the most streamlined of designs.

And, must be space is small, you need not think there is no room for lavatory ceiling lighting ideas – just the opposite could be true, as within the room above, where beautiful teardrop-formed pendant lights catch the attention inside a bathroom by Jean Liu Design.

2. BORROW Sun Light In A Tiny BATHROOM

An interior bathroom without home windows can be created to appear bigger and better by ‘stealing’ sun light from your adjacent room. Within this ensuite bathroom created by Gunter & Co, a glass screen separates the spaces, allowing light to circulate in the bed room in to the ensuite.

The fluted glazing provides privacy in addition to textural detail and style interest: note the contrasting vertical and horizontal fluted panels.

3. LAYER The Sunlight In A Tiny BATHROOM

If you wish to create a small bathroom look bigger, layering of lighting – just like you’d inside a living area or bed room – is essential.

Within this room by SGS Design, Brought bathroom lighting by means of ceiling spots has been utilized to attract the attention towards the perimeter from the room, improving the feeling of space, in addition to supplying practical task lighting. Lights fixed on sides of the wall mirror cast a level light over the face, well suited for applying makeup or shaving, as the mirror itself supplies a reflective surface that also boosts a spacious feel.


Textural materials can increase the amount of curiosity about the tiniest of bathrooms, particularly if their surface is attentively illuminated.

‘A well-designed lighting plan is type in a little bathroom,’ states Sally Floor, creative director of John Cullen Lighting. ‘Use directional downlights to bounce light from the mirror and to your face making simple tiles look costly by skimming light lower them in shafts,’ she adds.

Exactly the same is possible with bathroom wallpaper, tiles along with other textural wall treatments.

5. HIGHLIGHT The Characteristics

Inside a compact space, it’s particularly important to organize bathroom lighting to take full advantage of its key features – which is something can highlight using clever small bathroom lighting ideas.

Waterproof Brought spotlights within the floor may be used to highlight a focus, like a pretty bath, as proven within this design by West One Bathrooms. The subtle lighting supplies a gentle glow, well suited for a calming bath at night.