Small bathroom flooring ideas — from bold colours and striking patterns to soothing neutrals and more

The typical United kingdom bathroom isn’t larger than how big a king-size bed however with clever small bathroom flooring ideas and careful décor decisions, your bathing space look stylish and elegant no matter size.

Expanses of mirror, reflective surfaces and wall-hung fittings all enhance the feeling of overall space. But don’t feel restricted to plain colours or neutral finishes with regards to bathroom floor ideas.

The popularity for patterned tiles and powerful colour shows bold to become beautiful even just in the tiniest of rooms. Many flooring companies offer free apps to assist visualise the conclusion inside your room and among the real upsides of just requiring a square metre or more is you can splash on an excellent luxe finish.

Any flooring you select must be waterproof and anti-slip, as splashes are inevitable. Stick to the manufacturers’ advice around care and cleaning, specifically for gemstone, and purchase the lounging of tiles using the correct prep and substrate in addition to tanking where necessary.

1. CARRY The Appearance In The WALL

Matching bathroom flooring with wall tiles will open the space, particularly if you choose a pale tone having a natural pattern, like these Carrara marble-effect tiles.

Stay with one uniform tile or search for ranges that provide different shapes within the same finish for additional creative interest.

2. TRICK The Attention

Geometric tiles can change perceptions of the small space. Here they unfold just like a lengthy carpet, leading the attention to the skylight and beyond. It’s an excellent trick to make use of whenever you lay bathroom flooring inside a narrow space, because it brings some personality towards the plan.

These Parisian Café Tri Rosa tiles are porcelain, made to replicate old encaustic cement tiles.


Linoleum and rubber are generally natural items that have lengthy-been accustomed to give a pop of colour towards the bathroom.

Okofloor is generation x a level greener type of sheet flooring that’s colourfast and appropriate to be used with underfloor heating. Produced from organic castor and rapeseed oils, it features a subtly textured finish and will come in seven modern colours.


Monochrome bathroom tile ideas are timeless – think Art Deco black and white-colored. The irregular lounging pattern of those diagonal striped tiles creates interesting movement – could they be chevrons or stripes or both?

While running the patterns over the bath panel enhances the feeling of space on the floor and doubles the outcome.

5. GO LUXE WITH Gemstone

Real stone may be the luxury option which will bring unique pattern and texture for your floor. Stone needs proper sealing and you will find some cleaners that needs to be prevented, however it has solidity, it holds warmth well and it has long lasting style. Make sure that joists may take the additional weight, even though this rarely is in an issue in a tiny bathroom.

‘When you’re lounging stone on the suspended floor, look for at least 20mm thickness to lessen flexing and floor movement underneath,’ advises James Cherrington, Director of Lapicida. ‘Good sub-floor preparation is important.’

Lapicida offers a variety of natural gemstones and mosaics in addition to porcelain tiles that replicate the result.