Shower wall ideas – 5 striking finishes for the walls in your bathroom

If you’re searching for shower wall ideas which are a bit more eye-catching when compared to a choices, you’re in the best place.

Here, we cover expected wall structure – although with increased unusual presentations – and a few more original looks and toilet ideas, so your space can seem to be fantastic, whatever its style and size.


From tiles to tadelakt, marble towards the latest mosaics, fundamental essentials shower wall ideas we like most. Take inspiration from all of these bath ideas – along with other bathroom pictures to organize the ideal space.

1. Produce A Free standing SHOWER WALL In The Center Of Your Bathrooms

Elegant and timeless, marble bathroom ideas still remain probably the most popular and lusted after materials for your shower wall ideas.

‘For a really eye-catching statement think about a marble shower wall that sits in the center of your bathrooms, okay, so you must have a large space, however if you simply is capable of it, it’ll be probably the most striking design feature,’ states Jennifer Ebert, digital editor at Homes & Gardens


‘There would be a time, not very lengthy ago, when showering within the tub only agreed to be fine,’ states Barbara Sallick, co-founder at Waterworks. ‘However, after you have possessed a effective cascade water with exactly the right temperature inside a large glass enclosure, the walk-in shower turns into a ‘must have’ design feature associated with a new bathroom. The evolution of uncovered shower systems increases the aesthetic worth of the knowledge along with the selection of surfaces.’

‘Flat rectangular tiles would be the most familiar form of any ceramic material, for a good reason. Required for building, they project a type of timeless simplicity and austerity that compliments any architectural style.’


Bathroom color ideas may not be the very first element you consider when making a baby shower wall, however it will ‘t be an afterthought.

‘Make an impressive statement in a tiny space having a bold monochromatic shower wall,’ states Lucy Searle, global editor-in-chief, Homes & Gardens. Having a hint of 70s style, this eye-bending shower tile idea looks modern when teamed using the bold canary yellow ceiling and taupe walls.’

4. VARY The Size To Produce A Stylish NEUTRAL Plan

‘I favor hues which are soothing for instance, soft blues, grays, and layered shades of cream – colors that leave a stylish and neutral bath experience,’ states Barbara Sallick. ‘A note about color: the smaller sized the area, the greater potent it might be. It’s tempting to talk about the very best – and becoming your plan back in check may then be a challenge.

‘Consider natural light that floods the shower and just how which will appear at different occasions during the day or evening, or how color will affect the face during the use of makeup. Considered from the bath in the whole can help you give a bold color its appropriate weight.’

5. Make Use Of The Flooring Around The SHOWER WALL For Added IMPACT

‘One from the greatest tales in the current interiors is feature walls using colors or textures in selected areas to produce design focus,’ explains James Lentaigne, creative director at Drummonds.

Tiles are generally waterproof and washable, which makes them ideal for the walls of walk-in showers, showers with trays, but for the floors of wet rooms, too.

Here, this bathroom uses colorful geometric tiles to great effect to produce the shower zone inside the bathroom, supplying a visual counterbalance towards the white-colored metro tiles alternatively walls.