Shower storage ideas – 5 ways to keep your shower neat

Unquestionably, the most effective shower storage ideas come in towards the fabric from the bathroom at beginning stage: built-in shelves, niches, hidden cupboards, even benches with space for bottles.

However, free-standing bathroom storage ideas may add texture, interest and character with a space, helping you to solve two design dilemmas simultaneously.

Ideas showcase the most effective shower storage tips to suit every space, big or small

1. SNEAK Shelves Or Even More Silently

If you are trying to find bath ideas that make the most of vertical space, you could make a market along with your shower cubicle to place useful shelves, whether hidden or displayed.

‘No more tripping over half empty bottles of shampoo and shower gel using this built-in shower storage idea. Everything you should do is keep your products recently made and rehearse baskets for your bulkier items like fresh towels and bath mats,’ states Lucy Searle, global editor in chief, Homes & Gardens


Trying to find wet room ideas that occupy little floor area but bring plenty of charm with a smaller sized sized space?

‘Ladder shelves are becoming a common addition for our homes in the last few years. Handy in lots of rooms, they’re a marvel in the bathroom since they’re space-saving and uber practical. Put it on all your shower storage needs as they can hold lotions, potions, wax lights and keepsakes,’ states Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens


‘Building a recessed shelf is a good approach to creating neat storage within your shower, offering ample space for shampoos, soaps and the entire body wash without one obstructing the floor from the shower.

‘To create this within your house, you’ll most likely have to train on a professional tradesperson who are able to eliminate a neat recess area. However, what size where your shelf goes will probably be determined with the space relating to the stud wall framework. When you’re using cavity walls, it’s a lot of fun to kill two wild wild birds with one stone in addition to put it to use to cover any unsightly pipework for that new shower,’ states Sophie Harrold, director at Simply Bathrooms

4. A Simple STOOL (Or Even More) CAN SUFFICE…

‘If there is a beautiful run of patterned wall tiles you will possibly not desire to drill holes for wall hung storage pieces. Rather, consider excrement or even more. They’re handier than you think and they’re useful for towels along with your favorite shower gel. For individuals who’ve a wet room consider a design that’s waterproof so it might be alongside you for ease,’ states Melanie Griffiths, editor at Period Living.

5. Shelves Somewhere In The BATHROOM Might Have ITS USES

Any built-in shelf will probably be useful, which near to the bath can be used both tub and shower toiletries. You can’t must many shower storage ideas though and when you are capable of giving a wall hanging design then all the better,’ states Andrea Children’s, editor at Country Homes & Interiors.