Shaker kitchen ideas – 5 ways to embrace classic simplicity in your home

Shaker kitchen ideas are globally loved for his or her clean lines, timeless style and delightful utilitarian design. Instantly recognizable by their wooden cabinetry, recessed paneled doorways and modest style, the timeless great thing about Shaker kitchens comes from the very fact their designs were born from necessity along with a desire to have effectiveness and functionality over fads and trends.

Shaker kitchens are among the most versatile kitchen ideas and are available in virtually every type of home in the most contemporary apartments towards the grandest of period homes.

‘The clean lines, simplicity and employ of natural materials in Shaker-style kitchens is extremely attractive to homeowners and evokes a feeling of calm and order within this hectic, busy world we reside in,’ states Gail E. Jamentz, principal at Soul Interiors Design.

The Shakers really are a Protestant religious group who found America from England in 1774 and practised a thought that God was in the center of all things, nothing was beyond his achieve or his eye. Shaker appearance were orientated around that thought, everything they produced adopted the philosophy of form, function and proportion. Actually it had been a Shaker thought that simplicity and delightful craftsmanship were both types of prayer.

Shaker kitchen ideas are based on the tenets which this religious group resided by. ‘The guiding Shaker concepts of honesty, utility, and ease found expression in a variety of crafts,’ states Nicholas C. Vincent in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

‘Rejecting excessive ornament since it evidently encouraged the crime of pride, Shaker furniture makers centered on form, developing creative solutions for example asymmetrical drawer plans and multipurpose forms to include visual interest without making use of pure decoration,’ continues Nicholas.

Obviously, nearly all modern Shaker kitchen styles take inspiration from all of these aesthetic designs, instead of prescriptively following a tenets behind then. Modern kitchen ideas begin to see the beautiful Shaker-style cabinetry combined with vibrant colors, patterns or decorative details to produce a person style that reflects your personal personality. These colored kitchens are frequently harmonized with free standing kitchen ideas, too, for example dressers and free standing islands.


Epitomizing essential Shaker style, this Real Shaker kitchen from Devol gives existence the important thing tenents of Shaker design. Each bit is superbly crafted, both inside and outside, exuding simplicity and class in equal measure. Nothing within the space can there be for purely decorative reasons, all things have an objective, in the large glass bottle around the counter towards the herbs growing around the windowsill.

Pale cream cabinetry, using the classic fielded doorways, emphasizes the type from the kitchen’s original features, instantly drawing the attention towards the rustic ceiling beams and also the worn original wooden floor. It’s with these natural and architectural factors that the type from the space is achieved, instead of through ostentatious cabinetry.


While nearly all Shaker kitchen ideas observed in homes today feature characterfully colored cabinetry, traditional Shaker kitchen ideas might have accepted natural patina from the wood seeing the grain was a crucial part of the beautiful furniture.

Unpainted kitchen cabinet ideas have fallen from favor recently, but, when used properly, it may bring warmth and character to some space that could otherwise feel cold and clinical. Keep the natural wooden elements low, and when getting several ensure there’s contrast between tones and textures to avoid the area searching homogenized.

Within this kitchen, honey-toned wooden Shaker cabinetry continues to be set against a white-colored shiplap paneled wall and ceiling, which brighten the area, and it has been capped having a vibrant marble countertop – though there are many other kitchen countertop ideas that will work well within this kitchen. Your kitchen island features exactly the same paneled look because the walls but continues to be colored inside a dark shade which supplies depth.

‘Consider methods to bring interest towards the kitchen with lighting fixtures, knobs and countertops. By doing this you still possess some personality inside your space but keep in keeping with the main from the Shaker aesthetic of unpolluted lines and flat surfaces,’ states Georgia Zikas, founding father of Georgia Zikas Design.


The key to some minimalist look, that is required for achieving your Shaker kitchen ideas, is organization. Shaker design was informed by the fact that every item must have a location, so it’s fundamental to factor storage in when making a kitchen area.

Create a list of all of the what exactly you need to keep inside your kitchen, in the apparent plates, utensils, containers and pans, right through to food, gadgets, kitchen linens and white-colored goods. Then ensure each element includes a spot to go. There are many good kitchen storage ideas that can assist you.

This kitchen combines a tropical with cupboards and drawers in assorted sizes to keep the necessities, while base cabinets house pan drawers, spice racks as well as an undersink cupboard. A plate rack and wooden mantelpiece adds functional decoration, drawing the attention whilst offering space to keep both plates and bowls.

4. Go For SHAKER CABINETRY To Right Away IMBUE Your Kitchen Area WITH CHARM

Shaker kitchen ideas are instantly recognizable for his or her legendary cabinetry. Featuring clean lines and a straightforward recessed panel, the cabinetry’s simple aesthetic produces the perfect backdrop to define your personal kitchens style.

‘My best strategies for designing an impactful Shaker kitchen is always to have fun with color and hardware. Consider painting your lowers one color as well as your uppers another, so you create some interest and contrast,’ states Jennifer Markowitz, founding father of JNR Designs’Also, have fun with hardware. The flat working surface of the Shaker cabinet is the best canvas for intricate or interesting kitchen hardware which brings some design “wow” in to the kitchen’.

However, the good thing about Shaker cabinetry wasn’t just superficial. The Shakers thought that God was everywhere and may see everything, therefore the rear of the cabinet ought to be as beautiful because the front. This really is something to bear in mind when choosing pieces to comprise your Shaker kitchen ideas. Search for wood kitchen cabinet ideas, built with strong dovetail joints for pieces that exude the Shaker ethos.


While authentic Shaker kitchens could have been minimalist and exuding rustic kitchen ideas, modern Shaker kitchen ideas provide you with the chance to include your personal personality for your space. Wallpaper and color are efficient ways to give this classic style a brand new lease on existence.

‘The great factor in regards to a Shaker kitchen is when neat and minimal the appearance is, which provides you plenty more versatility in getting different elements of design, like color, texture and pattern, in to the kitchen and never crowding the area along the way,’ states Georgia Zikas.

Choosing a heritage-inspired print imbues your house with classic charm, that can be used to define the palette of the Shaker kitchen ideas. Pull the prominent shades to color your cabinetry. Consider painting your island inside a contrasting tone in the same palette to produce visual interest without overwhelming the area. This blue and yellow plan results in a buoyant atmosphere that oozes the fun of spring.