Sebastian Cox discusses how he installed a kitchen worktop – with sustainable credentials

British furniture designer, eco expert and houses & Gardens columnist, Sebastian Cox charts the renovation of his home, one inspiring and innovatively eco-friendly idea at any given time. Every month, he digs deep in to the ways that we all can really make a difference inside our homes.

Having a recent proceed to Margate (Kent, United kingdom) and the house renovation presently going ahead, Sebastian Cox continues to be on the quest to help make the right interior planning decisions for his home and youthful family. Going through the new – and frequently old – methods to approach restoration and enhancements on the way. Next – kitchen countertop ideas.

Kitchen ideas have moved beyond an area of utility and perfectly into a room of indulgence. There’s grounds people spend thousands of pounds on the kitchen but find it difficult to justify a couple of hundred pounds on the hands made chair. Generously, Sebastian shares his experience about how he designed, sourced, commissioned and installed a worktop that is fantastic for both his family and also the planet.

Staying away from Temporary TRENDS

A generally held view when you are performing up our homes is when a factor is costly enough its footprint matters less. I frequently hear luxury brands or studios excusing indulgence when the article is really a de facto antique for the future. This really is, in my opinion, a dated mode of thinking around sustainability. Certainly, we would like our material culture to reject temporary trends and disposability, however the climate and bio-diversity emergency we discover inside us requires us to tread gently too.

The Center Of The House

In some way your kitchen is just about the picture of a existence well resided so that as an passionate home prepare and designer of kitchen furniture I actually do share that perspective, however in a measured way. Usually the cabinetry inside a kitchen consists of wood, which may be so light in footprint it embosses our planet, however in locating a material to contrast with this wooden cupboards we are able to start to stomp into heavy carbon territory.