Saltbox house style – the ultimate guide

Whether you’re searching for any new house or looking for a chic Airbnb for any summer time getaway, drive a couple of hrs north in the Chesapeake bay and when you’ve arrived at Colonial a well-recognized form of home will begin to line the roads of suburbia.

Saltbox homes go as far back towards the earliest times of America, as colonial settlers started constructing both of these-level homes to aid their growing families and make up a distinctive style for his or her lifestyle. Here, we take particular notice only at that distinctive house style.

Exactly What Is A SALTBOX HOUSE?

Recognized for their flat front and symmetrical facade, saltbox homes go long ago towards the 1600s. Just one chimney typically increases from the middle of the house, which in the last days provided heat evenly through the entire home.

Today, the homes are thought classical than their modern counterparts, and generally feature wood shingles on the outside of and colored shutters. Around the interior, many saltbox homes possess a more antique-forward design, with patterned wallpaper and uncovered beams being common to demonstrate the older models’ history.

Exactly What Does A SALTBOX STYLE HOUSE Seem Like?

Saltbox houses are usually two tales in front, and something behind, having a pitched roof with unequal sides. A saltbox home is flat in front, having a central chimney.

The important thing feature in identifying a saltbox home is the sloped roof that slants lower within the to be only one story. These homes were initially designed by doing this both to improve the level of the area in addition to meet a taxation loophole in the colonial limitations from the 1600s that specified two-story homes could be taxed greater than ranch style houses.

Saltbox-style homes were technically considered just one-story because of the form of the rooftop. The sloped roof can also be stated to possess been developed so the heavier snowfall within the northern states would slide off simpler because it melted and make a lesser weight burden for that rooftop.


Saltbox houses are famous Colonial today, but will always be well-considered – actually President John Adams was created inside a saltbox house in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1735.

The design and style has continued to be popular for that centuries since beginning due to the background and detail in each and every preserved home. There are many types of meticulously looked after saltbox houses around the National Register of Historic Places.

The design and style is becoming so associated with Colonial culture that saltbox homes are also produced elsewhere to help remind people of the northern vacation homes near disney.