Difficult to believe we’re already within the new decade! The 2010s were amazing years for the team at sohoConcept. We could test out new designs, new colors, and new materials to produce modern furniture that resonated with designers all over the world. We found an incredible community on Instagram. And we’ve had the ability to attend conferences and tradeshows all over the world, such as the IDS in Toronto (and we’ll exist again soon!).

Searching back around the decade, we thought we’d roundup our most widely used blogs to create together the themes and concepts everyone was speaking concerning the most during the last couple of years. Did we leave all of your favorites from the list?

Leatherette versus. Leather: What’s the main difference?

Lots of our customers would ask us the main difference between genuine leather and leatherette if this found furniture upholstery. We made the decision to create about this to reply to these questions also it switched to be among our most widely used posts from the decade.

Within this publish, we explore the variations between your materials in addition to their advantages and disadvantages. More to the point, we checked out what material might be best in a few instances. Leather is much more breathable, which makes it ideal for warmer areas, while leatherette is simpler to wash, which makes it ideal for spaces with young children or perhaps in the meals industry.

Chrome versus Stainless – What’s More suitable?

Our publish about chrome versus stainless was quite different – while leather and leatherette frequently look much the same, chrome and stainless rarely do. You might know that you simply like the feel of better, and can it last inside your space?

Chrome has witnessed an upsurge in recognition recently due to its clean, industrial look. It’s great for several decor options as well as in modern furniture in areas that do not see lots of dirt or scuffs. Stainless is durable and ideal for creating lengthy lasting furniture that may endure heavy deterioration. Which would you prefer inside your space?

Probably The Most Modern Hotel Lobby Furniture

We loved researching this short article and also you loved studying it! From Italia, to China, towards the U . s . States, we found probably the most modern hotel lobbies and discussed the characteristics which make them stick out.

The options that was to us probably the most were the vibrant colors, contrasts, wall designs, and modern furniture used within these lobbies to produce a cozy yet contemporary atmosphere. We’re excited to determine what hotels take out for the following decade to remain on the top of contemporary trends!

Creating a commercial Design with Modern Furniture

Among the hottest trends from the 2010s was certainly industrial design. Uncovered pipe, chrome and stainless decor, and sleek neutral furniture a few of the look options we had all around the last couple of years.

Our publish about producing a commercial design with modern furniture helps people create industrial designs with awesome, metallic elements while still getting facets of comfort. Nobody wants to reside in a chilly, automatic space! Read this publish if you are searching to include industrial design to your space this season.

Our Favourite Kinds of Modern Dining Room Chairs

When searching for dining room chairs for the dining area, restaurant, or lounge, the options can appear endless – and extremely, they’re! From upholstery material, to paint, to base, to metal, to comfort, you’ve countless designs to select from.

aria eiffel wood

Our roundup in our favourite kinds of modern dining room chairs is a superb starting point and obtain inspiration when attempting to select dining room chairs for the space. Through an idea for that shape, color, and base type will help you discover the perfect dining room chairs without the problem.

Start 2012 around the Right Feet

At sohoConcept, we’re so looking forward to all of the something totally new this decade brings. Stay on the top from the latest news in modern furniture and style by using our blog and Instagram! We like to listen to our clients about whatever they need to see within their modern designs.

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