Is Ruggable Truly Lovable? We Review These Washable Rugs !

Are Ruggable rugs just like they appear?

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Anybody you never know me recognizes that I’ve a rug obsession (compulsion?). Presently, you will find cough seven fairly large rugs thrown about my one-bed room apartment-and it is not counting the rug that works as a bathmat because, well, it simply doesn’t count.

There’s apparently an area rug for each corner of my house, in the 11×13 vintage silk rug which i thrifted (!!!) towards the fluffy Berber rug that peeks out in the feet of my bed for an additional cozy turndown service.

All of this to state, I take my rugs-and my rug shopping-seriously. Contact me suspicious whenever a brand claims affordable and washable rugs.

Knowing anything about quality rugs, you realize they aren’t cheap. Sure, you are able to purchase one from Target or Ikea for any reasonable price, however it likely won’t last greater than a couple of seasons, particularly with heavy feet traffic, kids, or pets. For washable, well, that simply isn’t a factor-or at best it hasn’t been so far. Typically, rugs need to be cleaned professionally or, if you are fortunate enough to possess a steam vapor cleaner, individuals may also have the desired effect.

“Ruggable promises both affordability and washable, stain-resistant rugs…Not just that, the company touts style, comfort, no-fuss set up, and nonslip rug pads.”

But Ruggable promises both affordability and washable, stain-resistant rugs. “Need an area rug You Are Able To Spill On? You’ve Found It” is really a signature tagline on the website. Not just that, the company touts style, comfort, no-fuss set up, and nonslip rug pads.

Oh, and also the brand ends up having some impressive ethics and sustainability promises. Ruggable doesn’t chemically treat rugs (more about this below), plus they use recycled materials for that pads. The organization also gives back through OneTreePlanted and it is a Made in the united states business, with manufacturing facilities in California and Illinois. (p.s. Ruggable will come in the United kingdom, too.)

Then when the company provided to send us a rug to try out, there wasn’t any way I possibly could refuse the invitation to determine what all of the hype involved.

When browsing Ruggable’s site, you will find apparently countless design and size options, whether you’re searching for any traditional rug, a Persian-inspired runner, a “jute-like” circular rug, or perhaps a vibrant outside rug. I particularly love the web site is so user-friendly and provides the choice to shop by size, color, or style. Plus, each listing includes reviews and photos from the rugs in the other party’s homes-and let’s be truthful, all of us just browse the reviews and check out individuals photos anyway.

I chosen the Zareen Scarlet Red Rug using the Cushioned Pad System ($249) in dimensions 2.5’x7′. The cushioned pad is 2/5″, when compared to classic pad at 1/8″ thick. The rug cover is also only oneOreight” thick.

Once the rug showed up, it had been packaged inside a card board box with plastic wrap, not ideal but additionally expected (though, after i purchase authentic vintage rugs, they can be folded rather than covered with plastic). Personally, i think Ruggable could determine a way to roll the rug and tie it with burlap string or something like that apart from saran wrap, however i guess I’ll need to take that track of corporate?

“The brand [claims] they’re positively scheming to make the rugs as nontoxic as you possibly can-but it’s worth looking at when i wouldn’t think about the rugs entirely ‘nontoxic.’”


I’ll be truthful: Moving the rug out, I had been amazed through the quality. The colours were vibrant and also the material velvety soft. In my opinion, there wasn’t any off-gassing or the strange smells which are frequently normal with supply yard rugs. But it is also important to note that Ruggable has already established some debate previously surrounding trace levels of chemicals within the rugs (mainly Methylene Chloride). The organization includes a disclaimer on the website, and, in online forums, users have published emails in the brand claiming they’re positively scheming to make the rugs as nontoxic as you possibly can-but it’s worth looking at when i wouldn’t think about the rugs entirely “nontoxic.”

For putting Ruggable together: Attaching the rug cover towards the pad was simple. Actually, my spouse and i were running out of the door to satisfy a buddy for supper, however i just couldn’t wait to place the rug in position. It required just a few seconds to roll the runner out and fix it to the particular pad (through the velcro corners)-it genuinely would be a “no-fuss” process. The company also offers set up tutorials to assist using the large rugs.

Ruggable Review

Ruggable Review

I’ve owned my Ruggable rug for around two several weeks now, but for the first couple of days, we tried on the extender like a runner while watching drain. Regrettably, the nonslip promise wasn’t any match for the clever tile floors-I needed to reposition it nearly every evening as we finished cooking and cleaning dishes. Bear in mind, it’s just my hubby and me, and so i can’t imagine by using this runner somewhere with much more feet traffic or (if/when) we’ve littles playing around. Rug tape is a straightforward treatment for this though, then one that many rugs require anyway.

I’ve since moved the rug to some corner in our home with less feet traffic, and i’ll say, it appears quite gorgeous, even up alongside authentic vintage rugs. It’s super soft underfoot, and that i love will be able to lie lower onto it to stretch, read, or cuddle with my pup-and all sorts of without paying dog hair, something which can’t be stated in my other rugs which i literally need to “comb.”

However the real test: cleansing the rug. I’m here to profess it as being magical because the brand causes it to be to be. You simply wash the coverage (the information could be place washed with soap or household cleaner), also it soaks and spins as with every blanket or load of clothes. I washed it alone with mild detergent, and drying seemed to be very simple too. I thrown mine in on the gentle tumble cycle, though it’s so thin it might rapidly line dry under the sun too. No pilling or damage to appear! On top of that, you are able to place clean the rug between washes and, I discovered, vacuuming to become perfectly okay.


“The real test: cleansing the rug. I’m here to profess it as being magical because the brand causes it to be to be.”

So what’s the decision? Well, this rug snob is impressed. And That I genuinely didn’t think I’d be. As I prefer secondhand or vintage rugs after i are able to afford them, Ruggable is a superb choice for affordability and sustainability. Since you can wash the rug continuously, it’s something can hold onto for many years. I would suggest this brand for anybody with a smaller sized budget or perhaps is searching for something beautiful yet simple to clean.

And so, it’s adorable in my opinion.

Key Takeaways:

These washable rugs are a perfect option for those who have pets, kids, or are searching to put a rug inside a high-traffic area of your house.

The rug was simple to wash-they fit nicely within my washer and arrived on the scene searching completely new.

The rug cushion provides nice underfoot padding, although the rug didn’t always stay there on the tile floors. I would suggest using rug tape too to carry in position.

Whilst not as affordable like a Target or Ikea rug, I discovered Ruggable’s quality and washable feature to become worth the money, particularly if you’re searching for any vintage look with no cost tag.

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