Reading nook ideas – ways to create a cozy hideaway for relaxing with a book

Studying nook ideas can engage in a home’s features like a bay window or perhaps an alcove. However they can equally be designed right into a square or rectangular room, allowing these regularly formed spaces to supply the comfortable surroundings you crave.

A studying nook ought to be intimate, so creating one or perhaps a couple of around a house won’t involve the sacrifice of huge levels of space. What’s crucial, though, is seating to invest time on, and textures and colors which are appealing.

To supply inspiration, we’ve collected favorite studying nook and bookshelf ideas along with knowledge on their own design in the experts.

1. Develop A NOOK INTO Book shelves

Searching for studying nook ideas appropriate for bigger spaces? Consider creating a nook into custom book shelves. This is among individuals clever home library ideas that may possess the proportions to suit a family room sofa inside a bigger room, or perhaps be armchair-sized inside a smaller sized one.

‘This was once a proper family room,’ states Kim Lance armstrong, owner and principal designer of Kim Lance armstrong Interior Planning. ‘The client were built with a large assortment of books which were among the products that could be salvaged following a house fire completely destroyed her previous home.

‘I added these built-in family room shelving suggestions to contain the couple of surviving products. I left space to nestle a settee, that we think results in a cozy family room. We used a no cost color plan of soppy orange and turquoise blue to produce a warm and vibrant studying room.’


You might not be designing a house library, but keep in mind that family room storage can perform dual purpose in supplying a studying nook if you go searching for a design such as this one from Lauren Ramirez Interiors with a window seat made confident with an upholstered pad and pillows. The drawer underneath the seat and also the cabinets each side can offer the extra space for books when library shelving is filled, but tend to equally tidy away household products.

Although this nook offers good daylight, a wall light introduces the job lighting required for studying at night.


Designing a house library may be your desire, but when another space isn’t available, exactly the same cozy sanctuary atmosphere could be produced in another room.

‘It might be inside a sitting area, study, bed room or perhaps a well thought-out space in the attic,’ states Louise Wicksteed, design director based in london and Gloucestershire-based designers Sim cards Hilditch.

‘Use this chance to obtain creative with furnishings by selecting cozy pillows and throws to produce your relaxing haven. Downlighting or wall lighting is great options that appear to be great looking but additionally work nicely for studying.

‘We also recommend recessing shelves in to the walls from the nook to keep books.’

4. Make Use Of A BAY WINDOW

A home’s architecture can offer studying nook ideas, and among the options using the ideal characteristics might be a bay window. A bigger bay might fit a set of readers in twin armchairs within the cocooning space – as with this interior by Lucas Eilers Design Associates.

A sizable bay window area can furthermore provide space for book shelves together with seating, but a little bay offers all of the potential needed to produce a peaceful solo place furnished having a single armchair to twist in.

5. GIVE KIDS A Studying NOOK

Think studying nook suggestions for a kid’s room suggestions to lead them into loving books from your young age. This nook is made in to the wall of bed room storage and also the circular design is solely child-sized, which any kid will appreciate.

Stick to the illustration of this design by upholstering a kid’s nook over-all to produce the snugness which makes it an additional tempting space to occupy.