Rattan lighting trend 2022 – statement designs that will create a sophisticated glow

It’s at the moment of the year we discover ourselves grabbing that side lamp just a little earlier every day. The modification in season emphasizes the requirement for good lighting inside our homes, frequently highlighting that we do not have enough light sources – especially within individuals more dark rooms.

Obtaining the lighting right is really a key starting point when thinking about the inside design in your home. Frequently, lots of people begin taking into consideration the overhead lighting and just how it’ll serve the area, however, it is the free standing lighting that plays probably the most pivotal role to get it ‘just right’.

This year, we view a rise in using rattan within lighting designs, most particularly for that humble table light, that has been appearing in a variety of rattan guises. We have requested professionals for his or her interior planning tips and the way to choose the best rattan table lamp to meet your requirements as well as your style.


In the last few years, scalloped edges happen to be a significantly searched for-after decorative detail inside the interiors world. It’s not necessary to look far to place these charming edges on furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories.

As observed in the small Beach House Malibu, area of the Soho House Group, the Lila table lamp, $412.90/£310, Soho Home includes a scalloped silhouette and domed shade, entirely covered with natural rattan. The firm’s clever design team have were able to gather two trends that actually work harmoniously together.

Chocolate Murray, Interior Style Manager at Soho Home, explains why rattan continues to be brought to the brands collection, ‘It is light, natural and adds texture and character to spaces. Additionally, it adds an indication from the tropics, and that’s why its famous garden rooms and sunny spots’

She procedes to inform us about the significance of selecting the best lighting trends for your house: ‘Within the [Soho] Houses we always employ layers of lighting may it be an announcement glass chandelier along with wall sconce lights and delightful ceramic lamps. Family room lighting ideas are answer to allowing the mood for any room and it is essential to obtain right.’


The best purpose for any lamp would be to produce the perfect mood lighting in your home, however, it’s worth thinking about the lamps appearance when switched off or on. Selecting a design with shape will assist you to provide a nightstand, side table or console a focus as well as an interesting silhouette regardless of time. Natural rattan table light, $197.13/£148, Anthropologie, using its organic curves, looks striking even keep.

Lauren Bartholomeusz, Junior Buyer of Furniture, Décor & Textiles at Anthropologie advises: ‘Find sculptural/statement pieces that also look wonderful if the light is off or on. Making use of your lamp like a statement piece inside your décor, like a bit of art or perhaps a ceramic object.’

To create a space feel different with time or to modify your decor using the season, she suggests: ‘Updating lamp shades for an easy and quick update for your lighting – pattern, plains, embroidered, color. Rattan is simple to combine along with other materials for example velvet and linen.’


Because of the naturally sourced gaps within woven rattan, lighting produced from the fabric has a tendency to produce a softer glow. As somebody who continues to be designing lighting produced from rattan for more than fifteen years, Lulu Little, Co-Founder and Director of Soane Britain, explains ‘I love the soft, diffused light rattan gives. With regards to developing rattan pieces, I’ve found I’m particularly attracted towards the patterns produced by shadows and also the contrast between light and dark due to the way woven plant materials softly diffuse light.’

Soane Britain lately collaborated with interior designer, David Netto, on the striking selection of rattan lighting, including walls lights, lamps and lamps. A stand-out piece in the collection may be the Bad Cat Lamp (Bad Cat lamp base, $2397.49/£1,800, Bad Cat shade, $1318.62/£990), a playful plaster lamp base having a bell-formed rattan lampshade.

‘For me, the truly amazing great thing about rattan is when versatile and sculptural it’s. It’s not a fabric that is connected with any particular look or period but rather includes a gentleness and certain romance into it that meets virtually any interior,’ shares Lulu.


Like a brand, OKA aren’t a new comer to realm of rattan, actually, it had been where everything began for that firm. They have endless woven storage, striking accessories in addition to beautiful canine beds available. This year, they’ve introduced a rattan form of certainly one of their finest-selling table light designs: Calabash rattan table lamp, $392.92/£295 (excludes the colour tone), OKA. The curvaceous shape is highlighted with a striking rattan design, laid over an iron frame.

Sue Johnson, Creative Director and Co-Founding father of OKA shares why she gets rattan is really a trend that returns every year, ‘There’s something about its handwoven texture that instantly constitutes a room feel comfortable no matter if you are dealing with contemporary interiors or a classical space, rattan fits nicely into most homes.’

‘It could be tricky selecting the most appropriate lighting for your house. I’d begin by considering what you would like to attain together with your lamp – should you only desire to help make your room look good, I’d select a patterned shade inside a dark color, developing an attractive atmosphere. If you are searching for some thing practical, I’d advise a neutral-toned shade which will produce a better light.’ She adds.


Whenever we consider rattan, we frequently consider natural finishes however the great factor relating to this materials are its versatility – it may be easily colored to produce a different look.

French rattan furniture and accessory maker, Atelier Vime, has endless options of rattan lighting, a few of which could be spotted inside the house types of Homes & Gardens. It had been the 20” Rattan, Wood and Leather lamp, $2018.10/€1,780, using its surface colored in Off Black by Farrow & Ball, that was out. ‘I love the sunshine through these components, it’s very soft and poetic. We designed that one [proven] with this passion for the 20’s period. We would have liked a lamp that may be put on a console, a side table or perhaps a nightstand.’ states Anthony Watson, Co-Founding father of Atelier Vime.

Talking about why he believes the fabric is really popular, he adds: ‘We have the ability to from your parents or grand parents something in rattan or wicker like chairs or baskets. The rattan trend keeps returning around because it may be combined with everything. Rattan is really a 100% ecologic material and it is quite strong. It is going put the years without losing sight of fashion.’