Prairie style homes – the ultimate guide to what it is and how to get the look

With regards to architecture, Prairie style homes are as all-American because they come.

Dating back late 1800s, this angular aesthetic proves the Crafts and arts movement continues to be greatly alive in architecture, even today. Actually, it’s fairly simple to determine how Prairie style homes have surpassed the ages.

Would like to get knowledgeable about this beloved house style? Below, we take an in-depth take a look at Prairie style homes.


Dating back the late 1800s and early twentieth century, Prairie style homes taken with the midwestern U . s . States for his or her symmetrical design and modest exterior.

The homes ranged in dimensions, but increased in the previous era’s western passion for the Crafts and arts style homes, where hipped roofs and overhanging awnings and eaves grew to become the landmark features that helped these symmetrical styles arrived at prominence.


As the Prairie style is made famous by legendary architect An Artist, the wave of the design had began before his time, growing from the Builder style using the intent to produce a type of architectural design which was more purely American. Basically we now make reference to this school of design as Prairie, architects from the era had different terms to explain it, including ‘The Chicago Group.’

How Come PRAIRIE STYLE HOMES Very Popular?

The passion for Prairie style homes originates from one if it is founding fathers, An Artist, who labored with the thought of ‘organic architecture.’ His theory, which lives through his Prairie style work, was that structures need to look as though they increased naturally in the site. Due to this, Prairie style homes offer residents lots of space without feeling jarring towards the eye. They’re impressive both in scale and detail, and were among the first forces in architectural design that need considering correctly American.