Pothos plant care – how to guarantee pothos success

Good pothos plant care is important if you would like this lush, leafy plant to flourish in your house or garden.

Also referred to as devil’s ivy or even the Rapunzel plant, pothos is the perfect plant for unskilled growers, and creates among the best winter houseplants.

‘Pothos is a straightforward-to-maintain foliage plant which has low light needs,’ states Rebecca Sears, chief gardening guru at Ferry Morse.

In addition to being an excellent houseplant, pothos can also be among the best plants for hanging baskets within the garden, and makes probably the most beautiful inclusions in your conservatory ideas.

As lengthy while you consume a couple of fundamental pothos plant care tips, growing success is nearly guaranteed. The plants actually have a status to be almost indestructible, therefore, the nickname devil’s ivy.

‘Pothos are mainly bulletproof within the interior plant world,’ states Geebet Pliska, president of Michigan-based interior landscape company Planterra.

‘Bear in your mind that it can be hard to purchase plants with nice lengthy trailing vines and well-developed roots, if you possess a pothos without trailing vines already began, it’s important to have patience watching it grow.’

However, you will not require an excessive amount of persistence because the plant is extremely fast growing, and may grow around a feet monthly in the summer season.


Even though you regularly neglect your pothos plant, it’ll likely continue growing – so take it easy about missing the odd watering.

‘Pothos is actually difficult to kill,’ states Eli Manekin, founding father of Loop Living. ‘And should you choose accidentally kill your plants – don’t be concerned! Just stop the stems and going. Generally it’ll start growing again.’

However, you do not simply want your plant to outlive – you would like it to thrive, as well as for its leaves to become lush and abundant. So make certain you realize the important thing portos plant care needs.


A fundamental part of pothos plant care is allow it the correct quantity water. Ideally determine when the plant needs watering each week approximately – and just water it once the soil has dried up.

‘Don’t be enticed to overwater a pothos – rather bring your cue in the plant itself,’ states Manekin.

‘Wait before the foliage is soft and droopy, as this is when it must be watered. You are able to have a leaf inside your hands and then try to bend it – if this feels almost lifeless you’re ready to water.’

Should you keep the pothos plant inside a moist atmosphere, like the bathroom, it will be needs watering less frequently.


There’s you don’t need to mist your pothos plant. As the plants naturally grow in tropical environments, they must be watered with the soil lower towards the roots.

As lengthy while you aren’t overwatering your pothos plant, the periodic misting is not likely to complete any harm, but shouldn’t be used as an alternative for watering.