Planning a home addition – expert advice on increasing square footage

Planning for a home addition could be a fulfilling project. The addition can also add the additional space needed in the home due to a growing family, or as a result of a general change in lifestyle, while staying away from the upheaval of moving home.

However a home addition is really a substantial investment, so it’s vital that you plan meticulously and become knowledgable about house design, how lengthy it could take and which professionals to utilize.

Ideas check out the steps of the effective project and also the possibilities with guidance in the experts.


Consideration of every aspect of a remodeling or construction project prior to starting can help to save time and money, and be sure it fulfills expectations – and planning for a home addition isn’t any exception. Fundamental essentials factors to understand more about.

WHERE Will I START WHEN ADDING AN Accessory For My House?

Begin the entire process of planning for a home addition by wondering some questions, recommends Bailey Carson, homecare expert at Angi:

What problem shall we be held searching to resolve?

How if the room feel and look?

What’s my budget?

What’s my timeline and project scope?

Who shall we be held willing to utilize to accomplish the work?

What permits will i need?

Which side I stay as the work is happening?


A number of options might be available when preparing a home addition, including back or side extensions, cantilever additions, a brand new level, a basement, along with a sunroom or veranda.

That is more suitable is determined by in which you require the extra room in your home, in addition to what sq footage is required. What you could achieve may also be determined by what’s permitted where you reside.

If somewhat extra room is needed, you may consider adding a sunroom or veranda, each of which are less expensive options.

To increase existing rooms or add brand new ones, think about a back or side extension, that could be significant. ‘This is definitely an attached addition to your house that expands the leading, back or each side of your house,’ states Bailey Carson.

A cantilever addition, meanwhile, is really a self-supporting structure having a floating appearance. ‘This is a well-liked option for adding modern bedrooms towards the home,’ Bailey explains.

If your major growth of your home’s sq footage is required, a brand new level could be included to produce a second or third story. ‘This is a superb project to defend myself against should you prefer a large amount of new space to support more family people,’ suggests Bailey. ‘This is another wise decision in case your lot size doesn’t allow enough space to construct your home.’ Keep in mind that the large budget is going to be required for an inclusion of this kind.


Once you’ve considered fully why the addition is required, but the home addition costs and budget readily available for the work, and also have also considered the facts of realizing it, it’s time to speak with professionals.

You might want to start by talking to with architects, or directly with contractors. ‘Architects will help you picture your brand-new addition, create layouts and make certain your addition is achievable and safe. However, contractors are frequently sufficient for minor or simpler additions,’ explains Bailey Carson.

Be conscious that for contractors to bid precisely, full construction documents are needed, so talking with them first will help you uncover whether your financial allowance will probably be sufficient for the kind of addition you envisage.

‘I recommend beginning out by contacting some full-service builders-remodelers for any consultation,’ states Gregg Cantor, president and Chief executive officer of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel. ‘If you realize the dimensions and placement from the addition, a telephone or virtual consultation might be enough for any single story. For sloping lots, second tales or even more complex projects, I suggest meeting at your house .. Tthere shouldn’t be charge for that initial consultation.

‘If you interview trustworthy companies by researching years running a business, reviews, recommendations from family or buddies etc, you need to get education, ideas and a minimum of a ballpark selection of cost.