Pergola ideas – 5 ways to add shade, privacy and structure to a backyard

There are lots of functions that pergola ideas may serve as a part of an outdoor design.

A pergola can also add necessary shade to some sunny patio or backyard, or add a feeling of privacy and enclosure to a part of the garden, like a courtyard dining space.

They may also be used to zone different areas, frame pathways, or create structure.

Supplying vertical interest rates are important included in the planning a garden ideas, and pergolas are perfect for adding scented climbers and sneaking vines.


‘A pergola idea ought to be integral towards the layout from the garden, rather of the afterthought. Carefully thinking about views back and forth from a pergola are answer to enabling it to feel attached to the garden,’ explains garden designer Harriet Farlam of Farlam & Chandler .

With lots of shapes, styles and sizes a pergola may take, bear in mind its selected purpose. This can be to guide you somewhere, form a focus, or create a feeling of division with the addition of a layer that is not a good boundary.

Pergolas ideas can be employed in any size garden, from large country plots to smaller sized patio ideas. Create a remarkable focus which help define a place inside your garden using these ideas.


Size matters when preparing a pergola idea to your garden design so it is crucial that you consider how you can design a pergola.

‘Make sure it will not overwhelm your garden but that it’ll be also big enough to become practical,’ advises garden designer John Wyer of Bowles & Wyer.

Covered in climbing plants, this wooden pergola results in a shaded and aromatic walkway round the fringe of a circular terrace area.

A typical mistake is to create a pergola too small and lacking. ‘The size and size of the uprights and overall frame will have to be considered carefully as how big these really alter the design of the pergola,’ explains designer Fi Boyle.

‘It must be proportionally correct in order that it doesn’t over-dominate the area,’ she adds.


A good option for any pergola is determined by design of the backyard as well as your causes of including pergola ideas inside your garden.

The clean lines of the modern design by Matt Keighley and Rosebank Landscaping perfectly complements the sleek, contemporary style of your garden with this townhouse.

Keeping a pergola is essential, ‘so that’s doesn’t block the flow of the garden,’ explains Fi Boyle.

‘Pergolas are frequently places to retreat to, so site them somewhere you’ll enjoy sitting where it won’t be harmful to neighbor’s views,’ adds garden designer Kate Gould.

‘Planning regions of shade is a vital consideration when making a sunny garden, along with a pergola is a fantastic way to produce a semi-shaded area which remains in-preserving all of those other design,’ adds John Wyer.

3. Produce A SHADED Sitting Area

Pergola ideas could work along with both patio cover ideas in sunny spots, or put into shady spots, depending what time you’ll use it probably the most.

‘If you’ve got a south-facing garden, a partly enclosed pergola can produce a tranquil retreat and provide respite on the hot summer’s day,’ states garden designer Katrina Kieffer-Wells.

You should obtain the proportions right. ‘Consider what for you to do underneath the pergola and make certain you’ve enough space. Measure any outside furniture for any sitting area you are wanting to place inside the structure and make sure that you allow enough room that people move about easily.’

The Med-style garden space proven above continues to be changed into a sun-baked, shaded sitting area by beautiful patio planting ideas, with scented climbers and hanging baskets filled with colorful perennials.

4. MAKE AN Outside Cooking Area UNDER COVER

Even though the imagine cooking outdoors on sunshine is appealing, it’s a lot more practical and comfy to make use of pergola suggestions to start adding some garden shade ideas within an outside kitchen area.

‘If a garden does not have a covered place that provides defense against the sun’s rays, you may create a shaded pergola, or grow wisteria and vines your pergola to supply beautiful dappled light and respite from heat,’ states Wayne Cocker, director of South Hams Fencing and Landscaping.

‘Or for additional consistent shade, sail type screens could be connected to the bottom from the pergola roof,’ adds Fi Boyle.

5. USE PERGOLA Suggestions To ZONE A Garden

Using pergola suggestions to zone regions of your garden is multifold.

‘Pergolas may be used to transition from the patio place to the lawn,’ suggests garden designer Ali Paterson, supplying a view right through to your garden beyond.

Placed more than a diner, a pergola can produce a sense of privacy and separation.

As structures, pergolas can produce a feeling of division but without developing a blunt delineation from the space. ‘They may be used along with planting to screen something beyond and produce the attention into the garden. Or they may be utilized as a number of arches to border a way way,’ states Fi Boyle.

They may also link the home using the backyard. ‘Sometimes an upright wall look just a little severe, however a pergola helps ground your building,’ explains John Wyer.