Peek inside Christie Brinkley’s whimsical kitchen, complete with a cozy fireplace and gorgeous views of nature

Christie Brinkley is helping you save a seat at her dining table. The legendary supermodel asked Homes and Gardens into her stunning Hamptons, New You are able to estate to have an exclusive tour of her magical kitchen – an area that they has spent greater than 22 years living, loving and entertaining in.

Located greater than two hrs east from the city that never sleeps (New You are able to City), Christie’s sprawling Bridgehampton compound has offered because the star’s longtime sanctuary between her adventures all over the world.

‘This house is the main one place that I have resided a long within my entire existence,’ Christie informs H&G. ‘In my career, I traveled a great deal. I really found this house after i was pregnant with my baby, Sailor man, and attempted to have it ready prior to us to become here when she was created. And That I virtually did that.’

Of her oasis, the 67-year-old former Sports Highlighted bathing suit model describes its overall aesthetic as ‘eclectic,’ however when push involves shove, Christie plays favorites. ‘My house, our whole home, all of the different rooms are special. However the kitchen may be the heart of the home. Around we’ve other rooms which are really stunning and delightful, we gather round the kitchen.’

HEART Of The House

The tv host’s kitchen is greater than a spot to prepare and entertain in – the area works as a landing gallery for that star’s unique assortment of treasured possessions. Most striking? Christie’s custom dining table, created using materials discovered on a holiday to Europe together with her ex-husband Billy Joel.

‘I is at Rome with Billy. It had been when I had been married to him. And whatever city we’d maintain for his tours or my jobs, we’d always hit the antique stores. I was always searching for interesting products, she explains. ‘And I spotted a stack of tiles using these beautiful pink flowers in it. And That I thought maybe we are able to rely on them somewhere there. Therefore we bought all of the tiles, shipped it well and attempted them everywhere. We did not quite have sufficient to actually be considered a floor. And That I stated, “Guess what happens? Let us using them as a table.”’

The table, which Christie states includes a very ‘European feel’, has shown to be a flexible piece in her own home. ‘I move it outdoors during the summer time. And something year, I left it there just a few days too lengthy. And also the cold temperature arrived and cracked a few of the tiles, and that i only agreed to be heart sick. I’d a unique restoration person help attempt to patch it well together, and i believe he did an excellent job. Things I do in i reside in whenever anything cracks or dings, or will get a nick, I simply say it’s patina. You have to pay extra for your at Rob Lauren,’ she jokes.

Based on Christie, your kitchen, featuring spacious countertop space and modern appliances, is definitely a piece happening. ‘It’s a real space that will get redesigned and reworked a great deal. Because we are inside a lot I love to ensure that it stays fresh. I’ll change the tables, sometimes I’ll change what flanks the table, and often I’ll really overstuff your kitchen.’

She adds: ‘I have some fun mixing up and moving it around, and doing all that stuff. The 2nd I’ve found one factor new, it could be a little painting, it is a squence of events beside me. It’s like, I am likely to hang this here. Which means I must move there. Which means I am likely to shuffle this right here. This means that ooh, that will look better with this particular chair, let us alter the pillows.’


Among the Broadway performer’s most treasured aspects of her kitchen really lives on the other hand of the stunning wall of home windows. ‘We refer to it as our great kitchen tree. It’s centuries old – a huge old walnut tree. I’ve put up it with lights, the type of eco sensitive lights which are on the wire. It is so gorgeous in the evening, I can not even let you know. You will find the sky lights, and you have individuals lights continue. And also the wind moves that tree around. It’s all regulated like magical – magical fairy lights all dancing around the wind, within the branches,’ she gushes.

Christie isn’t alone in her own passion for nature – family and visitors marvel at just how her views of lush greenery assist the kitchen arrived at existence. ‘The branches achieve right to the kitchen at home door. Within the summer time, we throw individuals doorways open and also the tree branches come to the kitchen at home door. Also it type of helps make the room continue out under individuals branches and straight out to the patio there. Presently, we put kind of just a little bonfire container immediately. We are able to gather round the little fire around the terrace there too.’