Peace lily care – how to grow peace lilies successfully

Taking care of peace lilies will make sure these wonderful house plants thrive in your house. Noted for being skilled at washing the air, their glossy eco-friendly leaves and periodic curvaceous blooms – really leaf bracts, but eye-catching nevertheless – make sure they are ideal for living spaces, home offices and bedrooms.

Peace lilies ought to be grown inside unless of course you reside in a warm, damp climate – for example zones 10 and 11. Get peace lily care right and also the typical plant cultivar can achieve as much as 16 inches tall inside.

Growing peace lilies is fairly easy, but you will need to look after these questions particular way to allow them to remain healthy. Below, we guide you through all you need to learn about peace lily care so your winter house plants look great to summer time.


Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum), sometimes also known as ‘closet plants’ simply because they can grow well in low light, are a great plant – and never difficult to look after. That stated, taking care of peace lilies correctly will make sure they grow healthily.


Peace lilies have no need for sunlight. Actually, peace lilies prefer indirect or dappled sunlight, so while place these questions vibrant corner, they’ll also relish low to medium light, too. Keep in mind, though, that peace lilies grown see how to avoid rooms are more inclined to make the white-colored ‘flowers’ than individuals which are grown in lower light.