Patio ideas – stylish backyard patio designs

Patio ideas can transform the means by that you simply make use of your backyard, transforming it from your unloved courtyard or uninspiring lawn into an idyllic sanctuary. You will find patio suggestions for every style and size of backyard, from bijou terraces and courtyard gardens right through to bigger, more expansive spaces.

When selecting your patio ideas, the first consideration must be for the existing backyard ideas. Enable your design be led from your existing space as the ideas will have to seamlessly blend to your existing planting and décor.

Below, we showcase the most popular patio suggestions to inspire your plan.


With regards to designing an outdoor patio, begin by exercising the way you plan to apply your new addition. This can pick which patio ideas are perfect for your home. Think about whether your patio will be somewhere private to unwind at night and revel in breakfast on the sunny day, or, however, is that it is a space to entertain buddies and family? Would you like to integrate outside kitchen ideas or possibly funnel garden party ideas? Your solutions to those questions will define the direction of the design.


When properly designed, patio ideas can modify a garden right into a room on its own. ‘I always approach outside design exactly the same way I approach indoor design, however with a lot more factors,’ states Georgia Zikas, founder at Georgia Zikas Designs. ‘Ultimately, you need to produce a space that seems like an all natural extension of the house, and may function while searching great. This often means some kind of sitting area or outside dining room table to savor summertime BBQs and parties. You will want to choose furniture that appears great but could withstand the weather.’

Go for characterful garden furniture ideas, such as this classic wrought iron furniture that can bring traditional elegance towards the scene. Pair having a parasol within the table, that won’t only safeguard you against sun but additionally add color and height for your vista. Obviously, parasols aren’t the only patio cover ideas, you may also provide shade by planting trees, or adding a pergola or perhaps a colorful canopy.

2. CHOOSE PAVING That Enhances Your House

The selection of paving will predominantly depend on the outside of of your house. ‘A traditional or country style property complements more rustic finishes, like a tumbled limestone paver whereas a modern day home will probably suit an upright cut porcelain paver with low tonal variation,’ states Isabel Fernandez, director at Quorn Stone.

Selecting flooring for the patio ideas is very similar as selecting bathroom floor ideas: it must be waterproof and also have a low slip-level. Go for patio flooring with a minimum of an R11 rating, that provides elevated friction and for that reason slip resistance.

Once you have selected your tiles, gravel or paving, make sure to learn how to lay an outdoor patio because this will make sure that you’ve a extensive understanding from the process, even though you don’t plan to lay the patio yourself.


Funnel a Mediterranean-inspired paradise by choosing light colored stone flooring ideas developing a vibrant foundation for the design. Then decorate with patio planting ideas here, terracotta containers full of olive trees and rosemary oil assistance to tie the patio along with the planting elsewhere within the garden.

This patio goes one step further using its Mediterranean inspired design, developing a faux white-colored washed wall – echoing what Mediterranean rental property – offers an air of seclusion and privacy, with seating each side of the inbuilt fire bowl. Complement your Mediterranean patio ideas by finding out how to produce a Mediterranean garden.

4. Give A CANOPY To Produce An Inside-Outside Living Area

If you reside in a place in which the weather conditions are consistently warm and sunny, your patio come in near constant use. Therefore, you really can afford to produce a more permanent design as opposed to just sticking with temporary patio cover ideas for example parasols, canopies and sails.

One choice for a lasting canopy is really a pergola. Pergola ideas are among the most effective to supply a more intimate space inside your garden.


Derive the tranquility of relaxing with a pool, however for many ,this can be a luxury that’s restricted to the vacation resort. If you are thinking about pool patio suggestions to incorporate to your patio ideas, then why don’t you enable your design be inspired by resort living?

‘If you are fortunate enough to possess a pool, I certainly recommend purchasing some luxe loungers with great, outside-grade fabric cushions. This makes your backyard seem like a resort and you will want to spend all of your break there once the weather conditions are nice,’ states Georgia Zikas.

‘I like to mimic natural colors found outdoors, and so i always recommend some kind of pine wood furniture set, or perhaps rattan, after which play up nature through blues and vegetables inside your umbrellas, cushions along with other furnishings.’