Pantry door ideas – 5 inspiring styles to make your kitchen storage shine

Kitchen door ideas can hide, reveal, lure and display – so selecting the best ones for the space is vital.

Pantries really are a growing trend among kitchen ideas, and also you don’t always require a palatial quantity of space to ensure they are work.

‘From large walk-in pantries to slim pull-out larders, these searched for after solutions could be made to fit seamlessly into any size kitchen,’ states Tom Howley, Design Director in the eponymous kitchen brand. ‘With a lot accessible space and flexibility with regards to food storage, a kitchen may bring to the busiest of environments.’


Perfect kitchen ideas are something to become proud about – so make certain they stick out. Painting your kitchen doorways another color to individuals in all of your kitchen, as with this happy blush pink example through the Secret Drawer, will celebrate this desirable space.

‘Built-in larders possess a show stopping quality themselves,’ states Al Bruce, Founder at Olive & Barr. ‘Turn yours right into a subtle centrepiece, simply add a watch-catching a little colour and a few standout details. For example, some chrome or brass handles around the outdoors as well as an accent colour inside, especially one which celebrates the special products you’ve kept in there.


‘Smaller than the usual walk-in kitchen, a breakfast kitchen is a superb spot to hide all of the everyday chaos,’ states Howley. Developing a dedicated breakfast station is among the hottest tips among kitchen organization ideas, but important a much better addition is mixing its presence having a clever door choice.

‘The doors’ bi-folding action gives neater, more functional accessibility items in the cabinets without blocking other cabinets,’ states Howley of the example. Bi-fold and pocket doorways mean the kitchen space could be left open for continual use without interrupting your kitchen’s flow.


Your walk-in kitchen ideas could be the envy of numerous of the visitors – so demonstrate to them removed from the corridor or kitchen with glass doorways. Although some may like what sort of clear glass door forces these to keep your kitchen organized, you are able to spare yourself any blushes by selecting a midway house.

‘Even probably the most house-proud among us could not possibly have a kitchen with glass doorways really neat constantly, so half-glazed doorways are an excellent option if you’re concerned about showcasing mess,’ advises Homes & Gardens Editor-in-Chief Lucy Searle.

‘Another choice is to glaze the doorways with frosted or decorative glass this allows light in to the kitchen and boost the sense of space in the kitchen, without its interior being fully visible.’


‘Get the most from your larder with tailor-made [design], enabling you to get creative together with your storage options and employ every inch from the space to maximise the functionality of the space,’ states Bruce. The primary reason for pantries would be to take full advantage of kitchen storage ideas, so make certain you pack because it in as possible – even in your doorways.

‘From installing spice racks within your doorways to dedicating an area for your most-used appliances, bespoke larders permit you to create your space together with your kitchen preferences in your mind.’

Shallow racks placed on the rear of the doorways create excellent storage solutions for small objects, and are ideal for the kind of under stairs kitchen ideas and taking advantage of tight spaces.

5. Ensure That It Stays TRADITIONAL WITH SHAKER STYLE Doorways

An long lasting favorite among kitchen cabinet ideas, the shaker type of cupboard doorways – individuals having a recessed panel – is a superb option for traditional pantries. If you are installing these questions period home, bespoke is better, states Howley.

‘Charming cottages and period homes usually have challenging features for example chimney breasts, sloping ceilings, quaint proportions, cool nooks and uneven floors,’ he explains. ‘Choosing a bespoke shaker design enables you to definitely preserve and deal with these original features, giving you better space’s look and individuality.’