Painted kitchen ideas – inspiring ways and tips for painting a kitchen

Colored kitchen ideas are versatile and enduringly popular. Probably the most appealing and varied finishes for cabinets, paint leads to both classic looks from the traditional kitchen and also to crisply modern straight line designs.

Choose kitchen ideas to fit your style, whether your house is period or contemporary, country or urban. And you may always re-paint if you prefer a change or update later on.

Whether you go searching for in-frame, Shaker-style or perhaps a modern handle-less kitchen design, paint adds a subtle mention of past. ‘When we commission furniture, we have a tendency to think back at our history,’ states kitchen designer Oliver Peake. ‘Painted cabinetry has aspects of tradition, even though you set it up inside a modern style, and the majority of us understand that timeless quality.’


Keen to improve your kitchen without blowing your budget? An innovative utilization of paint is among the simplest design methods to attain a bold and fascinating space. Paint can offer a transformative effect inside a relatively almost no time and you will find many uses of paint to obtain a stylish, modern look. The benefit of paint may be the almost unlimited selection of kitchen color ideas, enabling you free rein to convey yourself, whether through colored kitchen cabinet ideas or whole-room schemes.


Cream kitchen ideas are warmer than white-colored, with added depth. Actually, top-to-foot colored kitchen ideas in neutrals could be very effective and more interesting than you may imagine.

‘The secret is introducing small aspects of visual interest to lure the attention,’ states Richard Moore, creative director, Martin Moore.

‘Incorporating a number of finishes and materials can help layer and add texture to some neutral kitchen. For instance, gold or brass fittings lend warmth, dark countertops achieve a feeling of contrast and glass or antiqued glass backsplashes assistance to reverberate light round the room.’

With neutral cabinetry effectively supplying an empty canvas, it’s very easy to change-up accessories and become creative with artwork and fabric.


‘Using a dark, high-statement wall color is a superb way add depth, while supplying an impressive back-drop for the cabinets to contrast against,’ states Rhian Johnson, kitchen designer, Harvey Johnson.

Colored kitchen ideas using contrasting colors on walls and cabinetry may have a divisive effect that’s counterproductive in a tiny space. However, inside a large kitchen rich in ceilings such as this one, pitching pale colored cabinets against dark surroundings serves to create the ceiling lower and makes everything feel cozier.

‘Pale cabinetry, countertops and flooring will balance bold contrasting colors around the walls to avoid the more dark shades dominating, although instantly brightening the general plan,’ adds Johnson.

3. USE Different TONES Of The Identical COLOR

Painting cabinetry in different tones is really a sophisticated method to differentiate without climbing down into chaos.

‘Choose a maximum of three colors and consider where you would like to attract attention,’ advises Tom Howley, design director, Tom Howley.

‘Use the boldest color on the focus from the kitchen, possibly an ornamental oven hood, a kitchen area island or perhaps an impressive double kitchen. Then use lighter tones over all of those other cabinetry, enhancing and contrasting using the core statement tone.

‘To boost spaciousness, book your lightest shades for that greatest points, like wall cabinets, and employ much deeper hues below eye level to ground the area.’

Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s Color Curator states: ‘The utilization of dark tones on floor-standing units results in a modern look having a nod to tradition. However it is effective be skeptical of utilizing strong color on wall-hung units, that make your kitchen feel claustrophobic, so I am inclined to paint them exactly the same color because the walls. More dark kitchen cabinet ideas against lighter walls is the simplest way to include instant impact and become directly on trend.’


As central pieces, island units are prime targets for any color shift – and alone could be effective colored kitchen ideas.

‘Best of, they often represent a smaller sized area, making islands the right candidates for any color switch-up, whenever you desire,’ adds George Miller, home designer at Neptune.

‘One of the largest routes would be to pick an uplifting color for that kitchen island and hang it against cooler, neutral tones around the perimeter cabinetry.’

The concept would be to really result in the island color sing, so select a more dark backdrop for added definition. Utilizing a different countertop around the island may also help it stand proud.


Colored kitchen ideas could be supremely subtle. Adding a a little color inside open storage helps split up large expanses of block color and helps to create extra visual interest on floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Here, design studio Forbes Rix has transported the warming tones of Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal in the free standing table towards the high-level display alcoves for any superbly cohesive color link. Installing hidden LEDs inside the alcoves helps make the aubergine tones glow, supplying warm mood lighting at night.

An identical effect may also be achieved using glazed wall cupboards with brightly colored interiors, or perhaps behind solid doorways for any surprise color stumble on opening.