Painted furniture ideas – 15 ways to give furniture a new lease of life


You may create an awfully unique look with colored furniture ideas. Need inspiration for standout hallway paint ideas? Turn to color and paint expert Annie Sloan, who uses chalk colored furniture ideas like a defining feature of her work.

‘This room was colored entirely in Chalk Paint® to point out the legendary British living museum of art and style that is Charleston Farmhouse,’ she states. ‘Around Charleston, you’ll notice repeat graphic shapes, botanical motifs, and numerous of color.

‘The artists living there loved to highlight the type from the furniture and also the rooms these were dealing with here you’ll spot the Burgundy outlining around the beautiful crenellations on the table, and also the thick borders on your wall panelling that are both effective, easy design quirks it is simple to use in your house. For the best results, make use of the form of the comb to dictate the style of the pattern.


Painting antique furniture can seem to be like committing a crime, however they payback could be really worth going for it. Here, a period of time console continues to be given a bold new lease of existence by Annie Sloan having a modern finish similar to antique Chinese furniture.

‘My Chalk Paint™ is a paint you can use in a wide variety of ways. You may create washes of color, thick and textured paint, layered colors, or perhaps a smooth modern finish. There are plenty of various appearances and methods – you are able to really achieve anything! I produced my paint to become flexible and also to do everything I loved about other paints,’ states Annie Sloan.


Selecting a bold, toning color plan for painting furniture in spaces rarely seen by visitors – mudrooms and laundry rooms, for instance – could make these utility areas feel elevated, and much more area of the primary house, instead of separate spaces.

‘A mudroom will include practical storage solutions, for example shelves and coat hooks,’ states Emma Sim cards Hilditch of design agency Sim cards Hilditch. ‘But that entails the walls, where we may normally hang art, are adopted, departing little space to own room character.’

This is often remedied by painting both fitted and free standing furniture inside a characterful color that won’t just hide dirt and scuffs easier than white-colored would, however that may also produce a visual connect to the area it’s adjoining, likely your kitchen.


If you’re searching to produce a rustic kitchen ideas which are produced from free standing furniture from disparate sources as well as periods, you are able to envision a cohesive, more uniform look using the clever utilization of paint. Here, free standing cabinets along with a plate rack have simply but cleverly been visually associated with kitchen colour suggestions to match.

‘You need not pick the identical color for various bits of colored furniture,’ states Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief Lucy Searle. ‘Simply selecting differing tones of the identical color can produce a more layered look. If you’re employing this method to a kitchen area, it is usually extra space-enhancing to place the more dark tone around the base units, and also the lighter shade on your wall cabinets.’

5. USE Colored FURNITURE TO CHEAT A Free standing LOOK

If you value the thought of a free standing colored kitchen – possibly you have been browsing Shaker kitchen ideas – but wish to take full advantage of every inch of space in a practical way, there’s an excellent compromise that may be achieved, partly with paint.

Fitted kitchens which have free standing-look fronts such as this one could be given a lot more of a free standing look by differing the option of paint colors around the different furniture pieces – as in the kitchen area above. Just like we advised above about base cabinetry being colored a more dark tone than wall cabinetry, therefore the rule applies that the kitchen island looks better inside a a little more stand-out tone compared to boundary cabinetry. It isn’t a tough-and-fast rule, however it works brilliantly.

Understanding how to color cabinets just like a professional is essential to some smart finish, by having an expert always giving the finest results.