With another year creating any close, at sohoConcept we thought it might be fun to have a look back at probably the most popular 2016 design trends and also the furniture that formed them.

A year ago saw a mixture of modern and traditional elements of design to create some interesting furniture and appears. With new trends in kitchens, to throwbacks towards the 1970s, 2016 would be a year with many different different elements of design. We compiled a couple of in our favourite modern design trends in the past year to determine the best way to begin using these modern elements in your house or business.

Modern 2022 Furniture Trends

Formal Dining Rooms

We’ve discussed the thought of modern and traditional dining rooms on the blog before. Recently, there’s been a shift from getting a conventional dining area. 2016 furniture trends check this out room making a bit of a comeback.

Getting a far more formal dining area doesn’t always mean it needs to be traditional, though. Platforms have grown to be less bulky, chairs much more comfortable, and modern design trends more apparent. Mismatched dining room chairs have grown to be popular, that is a great component of modern design. Using vibrant colours or chrome dining room chairs are far from the traditional mahogany dining set. 2016 has proven us that the dining area doesn’t need to be stuffy and formal for everyone its function.

sohoConcept’s Milano Extendable Table and Malibu Dining Room Table both provide a modern dining area experience. For families which are always expanding, the extendable table works best for holidays and dinner get-togethers in addition to every single day meals. Their simple designs permit you to make statements together with your décor, chairs, table settings, flooring, and much more. They’re great types of modern furniture to consider your dining area in to the twenty-first century.

Minimalist Kitchens

Kitchens have become a facelift in 2016 too. The objective of the modern kitchen is not getting lots of appliances and storage, but instead less than possible to help make the space appear bigger. In 2016, designers found other areas to keep kitchenware. Rather of cupboards across the wall, drawers beneath the counter have grown to be popular. Getting low storage cabinets, like sohoConcept’s Malta Sideboard, tends to make an area appear bigger.

Rather of kitchen tables, islands and modern barstools have ongoing to achieve recognition in 2016. Rather of only a countertop, however, islands are more and more places for storage and appliances. Why waste the area under a tropical whenever you could place your dishwasher, drawers, or cupboards there too?

At sohoConcept, we like kitchen islands and barstools. Our Dervish MW Stool, Lara Piston Stool, and Polo Wood Stool are a few of our most versatile designs. Utilized in restaurants, companies, and houses all over the world, these modern barstools match a number of modern designs. Inside a muted colour, they permit the main focus to be other furnishings. Inside a vibrant colour, like blue or orange, they may be the focus from the room. Chrome stools help to make a kitchen area space appear neat, clean, and modern.

Wood Countertops

Within the last couple of years, granite along with other gemstones happen to be popular for countertops in kitchens. While they are still a well known modern design trend, 2016 saw the rise in recognition of wooden countertops. This retro design is within stark contrast towards the stone countertops and completely changes the feel of a kitchen area.

This different texture enables for various decorating options in the kitchen area. You are able to mix different tones or kinds of wood together with your other furniture, or contrast it with chrome or metal furniture and fixtures. Developing a rustic or vintage look is simple when you have vintage wooden countertops inside your kitchen.

Low Furniture

The 1970s type of low, boxy furniture designed a comeback in 2016. Low couches and armchairs help make an area appear bigger. They may also become more inviting and appear much more comfortable and casual. This trend is ideal for a comfortable family room in your own home, accommodation, or intimate lounge.

sohoConcept has numerous sofas and armchairs that suit perfectly within this design trend from 2016. Our California line and Boston line are generally ideal for developing a cozy atmosphere. Are put into either a wide open concept design or perhaps a small space. Having a couple of pillows and throw blankets, you’re creating a welcoming space for the visitors and family to unwind. Along with other modern elements, like a coffee table, décor, and artwork, you are able to take this 1970s style into 2016.

A year ago would be a year of blending modern elements with traditional designs having a concentrate on minimalism and a few retro style. We’re excited to determine what 2016 furniture trends continue into 2012!