Organizing pots and pans – 5 ways to keep cookware tidy

Organizing containers and pans is a valuable part of making an operating kitchen that runs easily daily. Rummaging around in cabinets for your large fry pan you realize is ‘in there somewhere’ isn’t an efficient utilization of anyone’s time, and definitely not favorable to some relaxed and enjoyable cooking experience. We are able to testify to that particular.

Organizing containers and pans could be tricky. They’re bulky and big yet require prime position with regards to organizing a kitchen area as they’re so frequently used. By upholding your cookware within an orderly condition, you’re organizing your kitchen area to great effect, making certain they’re near to hands and simply accessible. As well as quick to place away later on, producing a neat, tidy and functional kitchen overall.


Before planning any type of business system for the containers and pans, you’ll first want to get everything to see what you’re dealing with.

‘Start if you take everything out and lounging it on the surface – that method for you to see precisely what you have and begin to sort out which storage systems might work nicely for you personally,’ states professional organizer Lucy Mansey, dubbed ‘the Marie Kondo of Britain’ by her celebrity clients.

2. Exercise What You Truly NEED

Unless of course you’re an expert chef, then you most probably must many containers and pans. Getting three frying pans whenever you just use the first is not convenient – it’s just clutter. A great decluttering will cut lower on unnecessary products and give you only the ones you utilize regularly.

‘Having a particularly-sized pot isn’t will make the food taste much better, so be brutal,’ states Emma Cowburn, kitchen designer at Harvey Johnson. ‘A small cookware collection is way simpler to keep and organized.’

In addition to tackling multiples, consider products that may potentially play double purpose to help keep things simple. Cast-iron containers which go directly from oven to table, or Pyrex baking dishes which go from oven to fridge, for instance.


Throughout the streamlining process, you’ll likely encounter containers and pans that you simply don’t use every single day yet use frequently enough to warrant keeping your hands on – products you may use only for entertaining, for example oversized casserole dishes and baking trays, for instance.

There isn’t any solid rule that states all kitchen storage should be within the cooking zone, so think outdoors your kitchen of these products – especially if you’re searching for small kitchen storage ideas or organizing a kitchen. ‘I possess a sideboard within the dining area, right alongside our kitchen, where I store my bulky crockpot’, states Alexandra, co-founder and interior designer at Clairrow. ‘I don’t utilize it every single day and relocating this means I release space for storage.’

4. POSITION Containers AND PANS Close To The Prepare ZONE

Positioning your containers and pans carefully is essential. Whether they’re in drawers or cupboards, hanging up or in stores, locating them near the stove and oven top enables quick access when cooking, cuts lower on wasted walking some time and adds an over-all feeling of continuity towards the room.

While you’re rethinking kitchen layout ideas, it is also worth positioning non-cooking related kitchen products for example crockery, glasses and utensils, from your containers and pans. Many of the important if you want to entertain. This way, a couple can transport out tasks in the kitchen area without tripping over one another.


A large, deep drawer will probably permit you to store all of your containers and pans in a single readily accessible space, that is much simpler than rummaging around at the rear of a cupboard – particularly as you will be with them virtually every day.

‘Drawers can definitely prove useful for organizing and storing your containers and pans. Graduated drawer units such as the ones within our Suffolk collection provide you with the choice to nicely store covers within the shallower drawer at the very top, and much deeper containers towards the bottom,’ states Stephanie Nix, kitchen designer at Neptune.

Organizing kitchen drawers correctly for containers and pans can definitely repay. To prevent rattling whenever you open and shut the drawer, consider installing an interior pan rack to permit quick access and area surrounding the items. You will find vertical and horizontal ones available so that you can make use of the drawer available space to best effect.

Lining the foot of the drawer also reduces noise in addition to safeguard containers and pans from scratches. A pegboard liner is really a clever hack. You can just adjust the dowels to split up casserole dishes from frying pans, and so forth – it’s ideal for keeping things organized.