Organizing kitchen countertops – 5 ways to keep a clear workspace

Organizing kitchen countertops and keeping them obvious of clutter will be beneficial in additional ways than a single. It doesn’t only create a much smarter searching kitchen overall, it releases cooking space and creates a simple clean-lower later on.

While there’s a situation for departing a couple of everyday essentials out quietly, minimalism is essential with regards to organizing a kitchen area – and particularly countertops where things are displayed.

The less you are able to omit the greater. Individuals products which do result in the grade shouldn’t simply be functional, but beautiful too, worth a properly-thought-out display that does not only results in a smoother cooking experience but brings aesthetic value for your kitchen.


‘Because your kitchen is frequently the center of the house, plenty of ‘stuff’ has a tendency to accumulate bills that require having to pay, kids’ schoolwork, multiple-use grocery bags, etc. To make sure countertops remain neat, tidy and well-organized, we urge our clients to declutter at least one time each day,’ states Kate Pawlowski, professional organizer and co-founding father of Done & Done Home.

‘Relocate something that belongs elsewhere, put dirty dishes within the dishwasher and wipe lower every flat working surface – this five-minute task sets you up for an additional day’.


Minimalism is essential with regards to organizing kitchen countertops. ‘A kitchen filled with gadgets isn’t favorable to some calm, organized space,’ states Helen Parker, creative director at deVOL. ‘My advice will be very selective using what you buy – buy appliances seldomly but make that which you do buy good. A very beautiful coffee machine displayed is much more impressive than the usual random variety of stuff you’ve inherited, bought or been gifted.’

A great rule to put into practice would be to only repel gadgets you utilize daily – keep rest away. It’s worth remembering that kitchen storage ideas don’t need to be within the cooking zone. Think outdoors from the kitchen – especially if you’re searching for small kitchen storage ideas. ‘I possess a sideboard within the dining area, right alongside our kitchen, where I store my bulky crockpot and air fryer,’ states Alexandra, co-founder and interior designer at Clairrow. I do not rely on them every single day and relocating them means I release both countertop and storage space’.

If you are rethinking kitchen layout ideas, consider getting as numerous appliances built-in as you possibly can. Consider choosing a warm water tap – this way you will not have to element in a kettle.

3. Stay With A Plan

In addition to purchasing good-quality (and good-searching) appliances, it’s worth taking material and colors into consideration, too when organizing kitchen countertops.

‘It’s useful to purchase counter appliances inside a color much like your wall, tiles and countertops so that they blend to their surroundings’, states Stephanie Nix, kitchen designer at Neptune.

Professional organizer Darla DeMorrow not just concurs, she suggests are applying this plan more broadly: ‘As along with appliances, I’d also stick one color across soap, sponges and other things you’ve on show this will make to have an orderly look and helps to create a general sense of calm.’

4. Begin To See The BEAUTY Within The EVERYDAY

It’s worth considering that the totally clutter-free kitchen look stark – as well as somewhat impractical. You’ll wish to inject some personality, it’s a living kitchen, in the end. Based on Louise Hoerzen, design editor at Havenly, the secret would be to choose products that are only for form, in addition to function.

‘While I’m all for practical kitchen countertop organization, it’s of great benefit to purchase and display everyday products that does not only complete the job but look beautiful while doing the work. Illustrations incorporate a marble pestle and mortar, vintage-inspired pepper and salt grinders, highly grained wooden cutting boards, a ceramic garlic clove stash, woven baskets for storing produce along with a crafted wooden dish scrub’.

You have to utensil holders and occasional canisters, too – you will want these two in your countertop for ease, but you need to ensure they fit the part.


Similarly, it’s vital that you put just as much thought into the way you display individual products in your countertops while you perform the products themselves. Significant, artistic plans can also add aesthetic value while still adding towards a structured, efficient workspace.

‘We frequently recommend pairing a sizable straight line item just like a cutting board having a horizontal item, like a couple of stacked cookbooks. Then introduce a few sculptural products, like a bowl of lemons or pepper and salt mills. Voila! Helpful, organized and thus pretty’, states Louise.