Organizing jewelry – 5 ways to keep treasured pieces neat and tidy

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all with regards to organizing jewellery. Unlike clothing, bags and footwear, jewellery pieces are available in a lot of sizes and shapes, meaning they might require different ways of organization practical solutions for storing lengthy necklaces won’t work with studs and bracelets, for instance. Knowing that, it’s better to tackle each jewellery type individually – this will make the entire task feel much less daunting, as well as creates a neater, more effective organization system overall.

When organizing a bed room, taking appearance into account is equally as essential as functionality. Because of its nature, jewellery can also add an ornamental flourish, so it’s worth keeping this in mind. Whether it’s necklaces hanging from decorative hooks or perhaps a stylized display of trays, boxes and stands on the dresser, going for a conscious method of organizing jewellery may bring beauty for your bed room, along with your outfit.

1. CURATE A Group

Much like whenever you organize clothes, it’s best to begin with a great straighten out with regards to organizing jewellery. Once you’ve untangled everything, lay everything out and edit lower to simply the pieces you need to keep. Alongside your retro classics, there’s bound to become a couple of questionable pieces it may be time for you to leave behind.

Rid yourself from the pieces which are broken beyond repair, tarnished, or missing backs or pieces,’ states Sarah Dunn of Have it Dunn Organizing.

Put aside pieces you would like to give or sell, in addition to sentimental pieces you do not put on any longer but you need to store. While things are out, go ahead and take chance to wash your jewellery – make and try a routine of using this method regularly to any extent further to help keep pieces in good shape.

2. GROUP Jewellery INTO Groups

As jewellery types come in a number of sizes and shapes, grouping like-products together is the easiest method to get them organized efficiently separate rings from earrings, necklaces from bracelets and so forth. This way you’ll always know where to consider products. You might group jewellery pieces you frequently put on together – a specific necklace, earring and bracelet combination that work well with workwear, for instance.

If you are grouping products into separate bed room organizers, consider purchasing stacking ones to reduce space. Choose obvious designs so that you can see exactly what’s been stored where and label the very best or side from the box based on whether you’re stacking horizontally or vertically.


For storing pieces you put on constantly, a trinket dish or jewellery organizing tray are the best choice. They’re small so could be overlooked on easy-to-achieve surfaces if you don’t take up space, which makes it quick and easy to gain access to the thing you need.

In addition, you will find occasions throughout the day where you might like to remove jewellery, when you are dish washing or going to sleep, possibly. Strategically positioned trinket trays – near the sink, around the nightstand, etc – is really a helpful method of making certain you remember where you’ve put things lower.


Whether it’s chunky costume pieces or lengthy delicate designs, necklaces are among the trickier jewellery products to arrange and store. If you wish to avoid untangling knots regularly, hanging them up is the best choice. If you have a lot of for any store-bought stand, consider hooks rather. Mount them on the rear of a closet door, or around the bed room wall to produce a watch-catching display.

‘Ideally, you’d wish to position wall-mounted hooks over a chest of drawer or perhaps in an area with little feet traffic because this will prevent them being knocked and precious products being lost,’ states Martin Gill, Md of And Thus To Sleep.

5. ORGANIZE Jewellery Inside A DRAWER

Consider designating a particular drawer only for your jewellery. A shallow drawer is most effective, with only one degree of storage so that you can see everything at the same time. Velvet jewellery organizers could keep your pieces in position, and appear beautiful, too.

‘If you’re storing jewellery within drawers, use dividers, compartments or bespoke jewellery organizers that will help you keep the pieces broken into groups – this will make it simpler to locate the thing you need in a rush,’ states home organizer Emma George of Declutter with Emma.

If you are short on space for storage, consider mixing your jewellery storage along with other accessories, for example shades, watches and wigs. You’ll be styling with simultaneously, so it seems sensible to possess everything at one place.