Organizing bathroom shelves – 5 clever editing and arranging strategies

They’re a storage solution that’s entirely view, so organizing bathroom shelves needs to be achieved with utmost care. Approach the job with no plan, plus they may become cluttered and allow the whole room lower.

That stated, bathroom shelves might be a valuable element when organizing your bathroom. In addition to supplying extra bathroom storage that’s accessible, they are able to bring decorative detail that the bathroom without open storage could lack.

For any room that’s calm, purchased and simple to use, think about these methods to organize bathroom shelves.


Bathroom shelf ideas could be the place to find a number of the room’s requirements in the very tiniest to bigger products for example bath linens. But regardless of the proportions from the objects, in organizing bathroom shelves it’s fundamental to curate and request an effect that’s purchased and pleasing towards the eye.

1. EDIT To Prevent CLUTTER

Less is certainly more with regards to organizing bathroom shelves. Opt for many the end result might be chaotic.

‘Bathroom shelves are a good spot to store anything and everything,’ states Steven Jaques, national development manager for Pelipal at InHouse Inspired Room Design. ‘However, because of their quick access they frequently become cluttered.’

‘Alongside countertops, shelves would be the most displayed facets of the restroom – so have them and also, most importantly, functional.’

So, the initial step when organizing your bathroom countertop and shelves would be to assess the amount of products you intend to use shelves and, if required, resolve to help keep some elsewhere.


But do you know the ideal contents for lavatory shelves, and do you know the no-nos? ‘When you are looking at displaying your products on open bathroom shelves, you have to consider first when the products you’ve are untidy, for example tooth paste, or clean, for example water glasses,’ states Susanne Fox of Susanne Fox Design.

‘Anything that’s untidy ought to be put into a shut cabinet, medicine cabinet or vanity drawer to prevent unsightly visual clutter. Anything that you employ frequently as well as sparkles nicely could be prioritized with an open shelf.’


Some bathroom essentials have to be decanted into different containers before they’re fit to show when you are organizing bathroom shelves.

‘I like to use large obvious jars to keep goods for example cotton made of woll,’ states Juliette Thomas, founder and director, Juliettes Interiors. ‘These look wonderful in the shops and therefore are practical, too.’

For other essentials, consider grouping them by brand. ‘Your shelves can look more organized should you place them by doing this because brands possess a cohesive look,’ states professional organizer Sarah Dunn of Have It Dunn.

4. Produce A Health spa FEEL

How you start organizing bathroom shelves may influence the vibe from the room. ‘Create a health spa-like feel inside your bathroom by organizing a few decorative products on the shelf,’ suggests Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer for Trendey. This will have an aroma therapy item, like a candle or incense.

‘A handful of bath and the body products for the visitors to make use of is another nice touch. This might incorporate a moisturizer or perhaps shampoo and conditioner in decorative bottles.

‘A small potted plant can also be nice for getting anyway and color. Skip the succulents and go for bamboo, bromeliad, or gardenia.’