Organizing a small kitchen – 5 ways to maximize every inch of space

When organizing a little kitchen, effective, space-saving solutions would be the answer to making certain it runs as easily just like any other, no matter its size. And with no luxury of plentiful space, you have to get creative using what you have.

‘From deep wide drawers and pull-out shelving replacing standard cupboard interiors, to cleaning closets becoming pantries for tinned goods, open shelving for jars bottles and spices, the tiniest of kitchens could be well-organized with a few clever thinking,’ states George Forsyth, Director of Came Forsyth & Co.

Rule number 1 when organizing a kitchen area ­whatever its size – don’t waste space for storage on products its not necessaryOruse. Knowing that, a great decluttering is often the best starting point when organizing a little kitchen particularly. Eliminate products you do not use, do not need or shouldn’t eat (outdated? No thanks). Once that’s done, you’re in a position to begin considering how you need to store and organize what’s left.


When thinking about kitchen layout ideas, you might have heard about zoning. For instance, the cupboards round the cleaning zone – the sink and dishwasher – will host cleaners, kitchen towels and also the garbage bin, while cabinets and drawers round the oven and hob should contain containers and pans, bakeware, spices etc.

It is really an very efficient method of organizing a little kitchen, however, when space and small kitchen storage ideas are confined, it’s important to obtain a little creative. Emma Cowburn, kitchen designer at Harvey Johnson, states:

‘In small kitchens where zones are close together, or perhaps mix over in some instances, it will help to interrupt activities lower even more tea/coffee making zone, seasoning zone, baking zone and so forth. Group necessary products together in containers or baskets, then move them round the kitchen since you need.’

2. STORE Periodic Products ELSEWHERE

There isn’t any solid rule that states all kitchen storage should be within the cooking zone, so think outdoors the little kitchen for products you do not use every single day.

‘I possess a sideboard within the dining area, right alongside my small kitchen, where I store my bulky crockpot’, states Alexandra, co-founder and interior designer at Clairrow. ‘I don’t utilize it every single day and relocating this means I release space for storage.’

You have to surplus, gadgets, utensils, kitchen staples and table linens Place them in baskets to ensure that they’re nicely together. Alternatively, consider storing these on top of tall cabinets for those who have them.


When organizing kitchen countertops in a tiny kitchen, minimalism is essential. Keeping them obvious of clutter releases cooking space and creates a newly made kitchen that’s low maintenance. A great rule to put into practice would be to only repel appliances you utilize daily – keep rest away. If bespoke cabinetry is definitely an option, consider installing a countertop cabinet with doorways that available to reveal your coffee machine, toaster, etc. When closed it makes an uncluttered look.

Grouping like-products together on trays or perhaps in jars reads as you item on the countertop instead of several. Position your groupings in compliance together with your workflow, condiments and seasonings through the oven, for instance. When deciding which everyday products to depart on show, functionality is essential, but it’s important they fit the part, too.

‘It’s of great benefit to purchase and display everyday products that does not only complete the job but look beautiful while doing it’, states Louise Hoerzen, design editor at Havenly.


In small kitchens, storing products vertically instead of horizontally is indeed a space-saver. It can make them far simpler to gain access to, plus you’re more prone to easily fit in bigger sized products.

‘We like to provide vertical storage for oven trays and chopping boards’, states Neil Matthews, director of kitchen designers Lewis Alderson. ‘To organize by size, or use, we love to to incorporate a minimum of three divides, which creates four slots. They’re especially helpful for that outsized trays utilized in large range cookers, however i advise my clients to possess one as vertical storage is really multifunctional.’

In addition to bespoke options, you may create exactly the same effect with vertical separators when organizing drawers and organizing cabinets. It is also an opportune trick for storing pan covers – and something to keep in mind when organizing Tupperware, too.


In case your cabinets are full, consider using drawers for products typically kept in cabinets – containers, pans, appliances, crockery, spices, etc. Besides this open your kitchen area storage options, based on Tom Howley, design director at kitchen specialists Tom Howley, it can make for any better-functioning kitchen overall.

‘Kitchen drawers are crucial when planning kitchen storage ideas, particularly a little kitchen, because they frequently offer maximum utilization of space. They may be tailored for your exact specifications, allowing quick access to kitchen essentials instead of delving into the rear of bulging kitchen cupboards.’

While standard drawer dividers are crucial with regards to organizing kitchen drawers, consider bespoke inserts to maximise on space and products neat, tidy and simply accessible.

‘Niche inserts to carry and organize chopping boards, spice jars, knife blocks, coffee pod refills and much more have become more and more popular,’ states Graeme Cruz, mind of retail and commercial design at Existence Kitchens.