Organizing a laundry room – expert tips

You are able to bring a grin to clean day should you follow our recommendation for the way to arrange a laundry room (honestly).

Obviously, to obtain on the top of laundry tasks, consider using a passionate space, particularly if it’s one you are able to close the doorway on. So when planned carefully using clever laundry room ideas, this really is one asset you’ll never wish to be without.

The pursuit of the greatest laundry room organization tips may appear just like a never-ending mission, but keeping the utility and laundry room organized is essential to achieving a practical yet stylish space.


Our ever-busier lives and the increase in recognition of open-plan living mean it’s more essential than ever before to keep a feeling of calm and order in your home. Separate, well-designed utility and laundry rooms are ideal for creating a structured atmosphere supplying a space where laundry could be stored, ironed and aired from sight and, basically, stored from the primary kitchen/living areas.

Begin using these expert tips and steps to arrange your laundry room perfectly – most of them is going to be helpful for organizing a kitchen area, too.


One factor about organizing a laundry room is making certain it is not only fit for purpose but takes pressure from the bathroom or kitchen, too. What this means is working enough cabinetry and space for storage in it, having a mind to precisely the thing you need, where you really need it.

Here, Kathleen Walsh Interiors used smart floor-to-ceiling storage to supply hidden hanging/drying space, room to have an ironing board and lots of storage. ‘We are very practical-minded whenever we sort out a design and particularly for rooms getting lots of deterioration, its not all element necessary custom. Ideas combined custom cabinetry with out of the box features for that cabinet interiors,’ states Kathleen.

2. STORE Rarely USED Products At Any Height

The easiest method to maximize space when organizing a laundry room would be to install floor-to-ceiling storage, rich in-level cupboards for rarely used products for example out-of-season bedding, holiday supplies, even vases and party platters, accessible using a steps.

‘Using cabinetry at any height for harmful substances for example bleach you don’t want youthful kids or pets to call is the best way to organize a laundry room, too,’ states Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief. ‘Failing that, these cabinets have to be lockable.’


Baskets are the laundry room organization friend. You are able to designate the baskets to every family member to ensure that everybody has quick access to their personal clean clothes (meaning it’s not necessary to deliver these to their rooms), or make use of the baskets to split up darks from lights. Or rely on them to keep guest towels.

In case your laundry room works with mudroom ideas, and you’ve got the area, bench seating provides somewhere to sit down and alter footwear, in addition to permitting handy laundry organization possibilities for everything from dirty laundry or footwear awaiting a wash to laundry supplies.

4. STACK APPLIANCES In Order To Save Space On The Floor

Organizing a laundry room is not nearly utilization of space, it comes down to making certain efficiency, too, as with this laundry room makeover by Amalia Woman Interior Planning.

‘If families possess the space and budget, we advise incorporating two automatic washers and 2 dryers so laundry could be processed in 50 % of time, say Richard Moore, design director, Martin Moore Design.

‘For a current project, i was requested to support commercial laundry machines, that offer much bigger capacities than domestic. Commercial clothes steamers also have become very popular for eliminating journeys towards the dry cleaner. An additional fridge, freezer and dishwasher is indeed a luxury, particularly if you entertain on the massive, and may frequently be hidden within the laundry room. We’ve also developed a laundry chute, meaning our clients can certainly whisk laundry downstairs. And don’t forget forget pets. Instead of getting your kitchen full of canine beds, we’ve produced practical areas for dogs within utility rooms, including dog showers and built-in baskets with underfloor heating for super-quick fur-drying after walks.’


Using the laundry room coming under growing pressure to carry out a number of crucial household roles, for example washing, drying and ironing, a great layout and sufficient storage tend to be more important than ever before, however that does not mean it must be full-scale on show, nor bespoke.

Within this minimalist plan, an easy vanity unit provides lots of space for brushes, sponges and spare guest towels. Organizing drawers well inside a laundry room could be a real bonus, enabling you to conceal clutter and discover everything rapidly and simply.

‘High capacity, hidden storage is important to help keep everything newly made, supplying a clutter-free space that’s an enjoyment to make use of,’ states Danny Lay at kitchen designers Caple.