Organizing a desk – 10 ways to keep your office in order


Among the best methods for achieving a structured desk would be to ensure it’s large enough for your requirements. An L-formed desk enables lots of obvious workspace before you, and keep all you need near to hands. Interior designer Janet Dadswell, director of Imperfect Interiors, produced this built-in corner desk on her home office.

‘It enables me to become flexible about the positioning of the chair and offers lots of useable worktop,’ she enthuses. ‘Painting the desk exactly the same color because the walls helps it to combine in silently for any peaceful workspace.’

Select a swivel chair on wheels for simple accessibility desk’s entire surface.


Every good office at home setup requires decent task lighting – an important accessory for any office area – but desk lamps, as well as their trailing cables, may take up precious counter space.

For interior designer Fiona Duke, integrated office at home lighting ideas would be the solution. ‘If you’re commissioning a bespoke office at home, it’s usually wise to include built-in lighting. It will not only release space in your desk, however, you is capable of a far more even distribution of diffused light, what’s best for computer work than the usual single source of light,’ she states. ‘Position built-in downlights roughly above where your keyboard will sit to prevent shadows around the monitor screen.’


Should you can’t spare space for any wide desk, concentrate on the vertical footprint rather and take storage up to the ceiling. 2LG Studio founders Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead keep your desk in their own individual home clutter-free with a mixture of open and enclosed storage overhead.

Our prime, sturdy shelf is powerful enough to carry box files in frequent use, as the cabinet above hides away bulk-buy office supplies online. ‘This design idea is especially good at homes rich in ceilings – anything above 2.4m – as possible achieve decent storage without feeling claustrophobic when you work,’ explains Jordan. ‘We always recommend together with a narrow drawer underneath the desk, too. It just must be 20cm tall to easily store pens and notepads and can help encourage a clear desk.’


While a paperless office may be the dream, you may still find a lot of companies and job roles that need a paper trail – all nicely organized and filed away obviously. In cases like this, an opening punch, staple remover and possibly paperclips have to be instantly accessible, ideally within arm’s achieve around the desk.

Inside a domestic setting, desktop accessories ought to be as attractive because they are functional. Think luxury pen holders, letter trays and stationery in on-trend materials like brass, bronze and leather. Even when they’re not needed every day, superbly designed desk accessories really are a worthy investment that may prove mood boosting which help enable you to get motivated for any productive day’s work.


Cable clutter, both around the desk and beneath it, can definitely go ahead and take shine off a superbly organized desk space. As the creation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi has certainly reduced the amount of cables needed, many people have multiple phone chargers, monitors and laptops hard-wired beneath their desk. There are many methods to corral cable chaos into order but probably the most satisfying solutions needs to be a desk with integrated cable tidies. This clever office at home created by Albion Nord features just this type of desk, with leads and also the power nicely hidden inside.

If your new desk isn’t around the agenda consider cable management pipes, which hide numerous cables within neat ducting. Search for paintable versions that follow the wall but remember to label plugs based on the device they power to ensure they are simple to isolate if needed.

6. Wall-mounted YOUR MONITOR

Organizing a desktop may also be as simple as mounting your pc screen towards the wall to attain a clear, neat space, specifically if you focus on several monitors.

‘Mounting the computer monitor could make significant space savings inside a smaller sized office at home, allowing a narrower desk and therefore more floorspace for the chair along with other furniture,’ adds interior designer Angela Simpson, co-director of Simpson & Voyle.

Go for adjustable wall mounts that may be pressed taken care of when needed as well as adjusted towards the perfect height for ergonomic comfort. To check on your monitor is appropriate for wall-mounting simply search for four screw holes within the back, which is positioned to suit universal wall brackets.


Digital calendars and alerts are very useful but there’s nothing beats a visible indication of important occasions, schedules and conferences to help keep you feeling in front of the game and super organized. A strategically placed pinboard above the office area will keep you on the right track and may also be used for hosting photos, paint charts and postcards that will otherwise litter the office.

This upholstered example, in your home office of interior designer Sarah Peake of Studio Peake, demonstrates a classy approach that appears nearly as good when fully packed with her swatches and samples, because it does empty.


There’s nothing pretty in regards to a printer but many households need them, even when it’s only for producing returns labels and spelling tests. Rather of allowing a bulky printer to clutter your desk, gathering dust, why don’t you use a clever printer cupboard in your sleek office at home set-up?

This clever bespoke design by Barbara Genda features integrated power points along with a pull-out shelf for that printer, allowing quick access for photocopying and checking. Should you not have adequate space near the office, remember that the Wi-Fi connected printer could be stashed elsewhere in your house.


A desk that mixes in the storage options can make light work of remaining organized. This stylish workspace by Figura might not be huge, however it packs in lots of storage, both stashed and open access.

Cubby holes are ideal for storing reference books, instruction manuals and then any household documents that requires actioning, while drawers would be the spot to file away products its not necessary every day. We like the magnetic blackboard here – ideal for departing family reminders and compiling shopping lists.


At work a clear desk policy is usually much more about removing sensitive business information and putting important files back where others will find them than tidiness. However, it’s an excellent working practice that translates well in your home, preventing documents, print outs and notepads mounting up within the days.

The operation is simple, in the finish of every day you obvious the workspace lower, only departing permanent fixtures enjoy it equipment on show. You may even consider buying a built-in screen lift, that will digitally hides the computer monitor lower within the desk in the press of the switch.

Used it might take a while to understand, however the five-minute task is a terrific way to transition your mind from try to home mode around the days you do not commute. Making certain ample storage near to hands will fast in the process but never be enticed to brush everything right into a drawer. Allocating a spot for everything will require the strain from signing in the next morning.