Organizing a bathroom countertop – 5 ways to categorize in style

Organizing your bathroom countertop effectively ensures the room’s essentials can easily be bought. But bathroom countertop organization isn’t nearly getting products nearby. When the room’s appearance isn’t to become spoiled, the plans should also make sure the space is both uncluttered and classy.

Good bathroom organization is essential for hygiene reasons, too. A littered bathroom countertop is difficult to help keep completely clean, while working order can make the job simple. Monitoring products’ expiry dates can also be simpler if they’re well arranged.

Here, we’ve collected the most popular techniques for organizing your bathroom countertop and requested professionals to talk about their advice, too.

1. ASSESS WHAT Ought To Be Found In The BATHROOM

Take the time to think about everything that’s being kept in the restroom, and just what furniture you need to accommodate it, as the initial step to organizing your bathroom countertop is making certain good bathroom storage ideas. This can avoid the surface becoming the repository for exactly what does not have a house.

‘Whether it’s shampoo, toilet roll or contact cleaner, keep the everyday essentials within storage methods to prevent their inevitable progression over the countertop,’ states Steven Jaques, national development manager for Pelipal at InHouse Inspired Room Design.

Consider whether some products, such as the most bulky, ought to be stored inside a closet outdoors the restroom to help keep countertops from accumulating clutter.


An overcrowded countertop won’t perform the bathroom any favors, but exactly how to determine what ought to be located there? You have to think: decluttering first.

‘Keep out that which you use every day,’ advises Juliette Thomas, founder and director, Juliettes Interiors.

‘Otherwise, set aside other products. Bathrooms are in their finest when decluttered giving more surface space to make use of as well as an overall tidy contemporary look to demonstrate the restroom as opposed to the clutter. Make certain there is a home for everything so nothing will get left quietly.’

Discussing the restroom with kids? ‘A bathroom countertop when children make use of the same bathroom ought to be as obvious as you possibly can except for their brush, child-friendly tooth paste along with a hair brush,’ states home organizer Kathryn Lord more To Organising.

‘Anything else ought to be put away for safety but additionally, getting individuals products listed within achieve might help your son or daughter be independent.’


Regarding the products that should be on the countertop, consider putting them together on the tray. By doing this, your most-used products can make a beautiful vignette in addition to being readily available.

The fabric you select for that tray should complement the bathroom’s style. Within this room by Alexander James Interior Planning, created by Marina Demarchuk, a marble tray was selected, and stylist Sophia Ivory explains: ‘The pale marble tray was selected to enhance the classical bathroom plan.’ Metallic tray, meanwhile, could give a soft highlight, while wood would complement a natural bathroom design.


When organizing your bathroom countertop, be conscious that beauty items will have expiry dates, and you ought to avoid an amount of individuals you can’t experience the countertop.

‘The shelf existence of cosmetics varies,’ explains Jacqueline McLeod, APDO’s communications director and founding father of Bancrofts Organisation Services. ‘Eye shadow can last as long as annually, lipstick as much as 2 yrs, nailpolish annually, mascara 3 to 4 several weeks and concealer and foundation up to and including year, body cream as much as 2 yrs, perfume one or two many make certain you eliminate your makeup sponges after 4 to 6 days.’


Thrown towels can lead to a disorganized bathroom countertop. To prevent the chaos, choose a vanity with readily accessible safe-keeping fresh towels. Make certain there’s somewhere to spend time moist towels, too, having a rail or hooks immediately nearby.