Open plan kitchen ideas – clever ways to create a hub for your home

Open plan kitchen ideas are only for space – space to prepare, space to entertain and space for the entire family to collect, to talk and also to you need to be. The typical kitchen project is becoming a lot more than just change cabinetry and appliances.

The large benefit of open plan kitchen layouts would be that the kitchen and prepare can participate the experience when entertaining and, on a day-to-day basis, everyone could be together.

Within this time-pressed age, it’s a genuine boon so that you can offer assist with homework in planning supper, and so that you can keep one eye on children while managing other tasks – so that you can understand why it’s probably the most popular kitchen ideas.

‘People have grown to be generally less formal, and they are more prepared to share cooking, dining and relaxing areas,’ states Tim Higham of Higham Furniture. ‘When tossing a celebration or entertaining buddies, it is viewed as interpersonal to prepare and entertain simultaneously. Families should also share the area to enable them to multi-task in planning food.’

1. Create A STATEMENT By Having An ISLAND

The chances are a tropical will probably be the social hub of the kitchen when visitors stop by, so there’s every reason to really make it stick out.

A kitchen area island idea that’s popping up increasingly more is making the feature contrast to all of those other room, usually with color. Giving the area a twist to all of your color plan will highlight it and turn it into a unique feature in your open plan space.


The majority of us spend considerable time within our kitchens – so, if we are eating with this family or hosting visitors, it is important the area is really as light and vibrant as you possibly can.

It’s wise to create your open plan kitchen to allow in several sun light – it is also cheaper, while you will not need to spend some money lighting the area with electricity.

Crittall-style home windows and doorways really are a popular choice right now, his or her floor to ceiling style adds a genuine feeling of drama. These full-height sliding doorways also help make the area feel and look a great deal larger, by looking into making it appear such as the room stretches to your garden.


If you are fortunate with original features, then make sure to include them inside your open plan kitchen design.

Wooden beams, uncovered bricks and original fireplaces are incredible factors that can give the area its very own unique feel, and provide a subtle nod to some house’s history.

These old-school features look particularly great if you are choosing classical kitchen ideas in your open plan space – and sit nicely alongside butler or Belfast sinks, ornate faucets and range ovens.


Bring your open plan kitchen one stage further, literally, by venturing as much as another floor. This room includes a tall, dramatic dining space that stretches as much as the top house.

5. GO Through The Roof

A skylight is a straightforward open plan kitchen concept that can definitely make a big difference. It will not only usher in additional sun light, but it’ll also result in the room feel bigger and much more spacious.

This kitchen features two skylights, one over the cooking area and something within the dining space – which results in a spotlight effect within the key entertaining spots.