Norney Grange, the house from Netflix’s The Dig is listed for £8 million

Since its increase in the late nineteenth century, Norney Grange has delighted architect-enthusiasts and movie producers alike – but you can now feel the estate past the big screen.

Listed for £8 million (roughly $10.8 million), this Grade II listed mansion is probably the world’s best homes – nestled among 21 acres of Surrey’s verdant landscape.

Using its limestone façade and stylish interiors, it’s unsurprising that the house is a popular among company directors – appearing within the film Wimbledon, the tv series London Spy and Marple, and many famously, The Dig from Netflix.

Like a statement in the distinctive Crafts and arts style era, Norney Grange remains unchanged from the original design, apart from a little extension towards the domestic wing in 1904.

Although this exterior is really something to behold, the home’s interiors function as a supply of interior planning inspiration – fuelling our family room ideas from the ornate hearth and hug of chintz wallpaper.

Despite its undisputed timelessness, the house concurrently exhibits contemporary kitchen ideas through its powder blue colored cabinetry and open shelving that showcase delicate teapots bobs of china.

Plus, in signature Charles Voysey style, all things in Norney Grange is curated to impeccable detail, such as the Austrian oak staircase and paneling which has reset the conventional for grand hallway ideas.

Additional features range from the assortment of individually crafted fireplaces and also the elegant window fastenings that bless the area by having an ageless aesthetic. There’s additionally a historic library along with a dining space which will transport diners towards the late nineteenth century – or their most favorite film set.

As the primary home advantages of 11 bedrooms, the estate also offers two detached lodge cottages inside the grounds, supplying a further five bedrooms for visitors to savor the sunset and sunrise over the essential countryside setting.

Naturally, with more than 20 acres to experience with, Norney Grange exemplifies our country garden ideas through its statement garden sculptures and superbly crafted hedges that provide the area an additional feeling of regency.