Nigella Lawson’s kitchen is inspiring the return of this very retro kitchen feature

It’s where we prepare, eat, entertain, also it could also be your makeshift working at home setup. One thing’s without a doubt, your kitchen is among the most hard-working rooms of the house, and probably the most costly to renovate.

A lot of us tuned into Nigella Lawson’s Prepare Eat Repeat to lust after goey-chocolate bakes and pasta dishes. However, it appears that because of Nigella and her ‘micro-wah-vey’, we’ve fallen back deeply in love with retro style or country farmhouse kitchens.

Over 1 / 2 of homeowners are choosing traditional over modern, sleek designs, based on research by leading kitchen store, Magnet. Plus, we’re now visiting a return of 1 very retro kitchen feature: the walk-in kitchen, by having an incredible 75% people attempting to see one out of our very own kitchen.

Recall the serving window? Well, it was voted the amount-one most legendary retro trend, with almost another of Brits selecting it as being your kitchen feature they remember most, within the survey conducted by Magnet Kitchens

You will find obviously some retro kitchen features we just can’t jump in with, as Magnet discovered. Over 35% people voted traditional tiled worktops because the worst appearance of the final a century, alongside dark wood kitchen units and veneer-trimmed cabinets.

Neptune has additionally seen an outburst in households desiring traditional, country style kitchen. Their Shaker-inspired Suffolk design kitchen is presently certainly one of their most widely used collections.

‘Although Shaker kitchens are basically a vintage design, it normally won’t possess the ornate mouldings and beading which you may find on lots of other traditional cabinetry, meaning they may be visually transformed with hardly any effort,’ explains Hayley Matthews, Kitchen Designer at Neptune You are able to.

However, going traditional does not necessarily mean a monotonous color scheme. ‘The easiest method to change the appear and feel of the Shaker kitchen is by using color, and a number of our clients are choosing pops of vibrant color, patterns and tiles, combined with simple, pared-back style of our Suffolk collection,’ she adds.

Aside from being inspired by Nigella’s homely kitchen and fairy light-adorned larder, our appreciation from the traditional is related to the uncertain occasions we are in, states Janet Boulton, Mind of promoting at Magnet explains.