New Year decoration ideas – 10 ways to style your celebrations

Yes, Year decoration ideas could be dissimilar to other holiday displays. Fruit and flowers have lengthy been accustomed to decorate the house all year round, however they really enter into their very own throughout the winter holidays, when their enticing mixture of scent, color and shape enlivens your Christmas decor ideas well into 2012.

‘Oranges and cloves really are a traditional favorite, together with cinnamon, star anise and herbs,’ states stylist Sara Bird. ‘For variety, use other lemon or lime to create a big change of pace with various shades and sizes.’

To help keep the plans in their perfect for longer make certain there’s free flowing air circulating as well as for additional color texture try including ribbons and small ornaments.

1. Table CANDLE

This can be a lovely idea for any Year or Christmas table centerpiece. Produce a striking display having a hurricane lantern styled with dried orange slices, berries and flowers.

You’ll need:

Hurricane lamp or large glass vase, bun moss, oranges slices, church candle, flowers and foliage

To create:

Convey a layer of bun moss at the bottom of the lamp.

Give a ring of orange slices round the base between your moss and also the glass.

Pop a church candle within the lantern and firm more moss for this to help keep it safely in position.

To complete, give a layer of decorative flowers and berries for example roses, wax flower and hypericum.


Repurpose a classic fruit crate or tray included in a festive fruity display. This may be a standalone centerpiece or work included in a festive tablescape.

You’ll need:

A plastic bag, staples or pins, florist’s oasis, a wood box or crate, oranges, wooden dowels, choice of foliate and flowers

To create:

Line this area having a waterproof layer, like a plastic bag, and secure with staples or pins.

Cut some florist’s oasis to suit nicely, then plunge into water until drenched through, before placing it in to the box.

Push the fruit to the dowels until secure we used thin rods calculating 20cm.

Insert the dowels in to the oasis, positioning them evenly across the box in a slight position, using the oranges.

Cover the dowels and oasis with foliage sprigs and floral shoots. We used a mixture of roses, herbs, hypericum berries, wax flower and periodic foliage.


This straightforward pine cone craft idea is really a colorful method to liven up a mantel, shelf or cabinet. You could include a couple of drops of pine acrylic to welcome visitors coming for 2012 celebrations.

You’ll need:

Obvious glass vases, pine cones, an array of spray paints, a card board box (for spraying), scented oil.

To create:

Place a couple of pine cones right into a card board box and spray together with your paint, trembling this area while you spray to be fully covered.

Repeat using the different colors until all of the pine cones are decorated.

Once the paint is dry, arrange the pine cones in obvious vases.

Give a couple of drops of acrylic to scent the area.


These will make a wonderful accessory for your Christmas tree ideas, or rely on them as parcel tags or perhaps a napkin ring. They are super easy to make and smell heavenly too.

You’ll need:

Citrus slices, spices, foliage, charms and adornments, thread, wire or jewellery wire, ribbon

To create:

Layer up citrus layers, spices, foliage and small embellishments and tie into position.

Secure a dangling loop behind created using ribbon or even more thread, stored in position having a stitch.


Your Christmas foliage ideas and trimmings might be wilting slightly as christmas progresses, but the benefit of pot plants for example poinsettia is they will appear their finest through the season – because this attractive display shows.

You’ll need:

Assortment of poinsettia plants of various sizes, indoor containers, cake dome and tray

To create:

Of your brand-new Year decoration ideas this is actually the easiest to construct.

Simply arrange your poinsettia plants inside your vessels and trays, grouping them into a beautiful display of various heights and sizes.


Switch your Christmas window decor ideas with this particular zesty decoration for brand new Year. A string of orange slices looks fabulous at window in which the light senses the color and shape.

You’ll need:

Needle and twine, orange slices, festive spices and ribbon

To create:

Create a fundamental garland using a needle and twine to stitch together orange slices. Join the very best on every slice to the foot of the main one below having a large running stitch, overlapping the slices slightly.

Knot and tie from the ends when you’ve arrived at the preferred length.

For additional scent and decoration, try threading stacked dvds of oranges, or match some festive spices and ribbon.


Ginger root Curtis, who owns Texas-based Urbanology Designs, is really a firm fan of fruit utilized in festive displays – which pear tablescape is a terrific way to reinvent your brand-new Year decoration suggestions for entertaining.

‘A an attractive pop of organic color could originate from dried slices of lemons and oranges, a sprig of rosemary oil or any other greenery, or perhaps fresh eco-friendly pears placed directly under glass domes along your table,’ Ginger root states.

You’ll need:

Fresh pears, glass domes, fresh pine fronds, miniature fir trees, candle lights

To create:

Arrange all of the elements along the middle of your table, scattering them evenly and filling out the gaps with fresh foliage.


A wonderful idea for any place setting. Or us dot them along a table or mantel for any twinkling display.

You’ll need:

Small oranges or satsumas, tealights, cloves

To create:

Have a decorated orange or satsuma, position a tealight centrally outrageous, then draw around the bottom of the candle.

Eliminate the very best segment of orange to suit the tealight shape, clean up any juice, then push the candle into position.

Complete the appearance having a cute napkin tie. Take citrus slices – we used pink grapefruit and orange – and layer with spices and ribbon. Attach them along with jewellery wire, tie onto an overall length of ribbon and secure around the rear of the napkin.

9. Periodic SWAG

An ornamental option to a creating a Christmas wreath, a swag adds a lavish touch for your Year decoration ideas.

Ours features five satsumas pressed onto 25cm thin wooden dowels however, you could easily use less or additional fruit to create your swag smaller sized or bigger.

You’ll need:

Wooden dowels, fruit (for example satsumas or oranges), flowers, foliage, florist wire or string, ribbon.

To create:

Holding among the dowels, arrange your selected flowers and foliage round the satsuma.

Lay the following dowel outrageous, using its satsuma positioned just below the very first, then layer more flowers and foliage as before. Continue until all of the satsumas are utilized.

Secure the dowels with florist wire or string and snip the stems to neaten. Finish with the addition of a ribbon tied inside a bow.


Olive boughs bring a brand new twist around the traditional Christmas foliage, making a great alternative when you are planning your brand-new Year decoration ideas.

This display is as simple as Anastasia Casey from the Identitè Collective and it is how she styles her very own home during christmas.

You’ll need:

Olive branches, florists wire, ribbon

To create:

Tie together your olive branches to create one lengthy garland.

Affix to your stairs with ribbons.