we’re always designing new pieces and updating our classic pieces to match with modern trends. This year, we’ve added some pieces that fit with trends around dark furniture, metallic finishes, and furniture for smaller sized sized spaces like condos.

Our Design and Modern Furniture for 2022

Gold Base and Footrests

Our bolder addendums to today’s furniture in 2019 is utilizing gold in chair and table bases. We love to heat that gold gives a place and how it might enjoy various materials and colours. With metallics like a strong design trend with this particular year, we thought it the best chance presenting a bold option inside our furniture bases!

Black & Red Base

Another choice we’re so searching toward this year is our black and red bases readily available for several our chairs and stools. Black bases are perfect for muted colour schemes or if you need a vibrant materials are the star in the show.

However, if you’d like all of your piece of furniture to become statement, a red consists of a powerful way to do that. With upholstery in black, white-colored-colored, red, crimson, blue, yellow – the options are basically unlimited and you’ll personalize your furniture precisely how you need it.

Black Marble

We’re so excited this season, black marble has came back becoming an choice for various today’s tables. White-colored-colored marble platforms and periodic tables are perfect for spaces getting an easy aesthetic or possibly a commercial design, while black marble can create a statement in the kitchen with colourful backsplashes or neutral colours.

Tango Table

Our Tango kind of modern tables is fantastic for smaller sized sized spaces, like entryways or apartments. We designed these personalization in your thoughts. They are available in sizes to be used like a table or platforms with some other bases and finishes. Whether you are looking for glass, marble, or wood, we have the tabletop inside our Tango series for the needs. Our base options include chrome, stainless, black, white-colored-colored, or our brand-new gold for people bolder designs.

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