This winter season appeared enjoy it would not finish, but we made it happen! We went to summer time. At sohoConcept, we have been get yourself ready for this year for some time. We are ready for something new how about you?

At sohoConcept, we’ve new modern furniture lines which are unlike any one of our other choices. Using inspiration from a few of the latest modern furniture trends, we have designed unique and comfy sofas and chairs that are ideal for homes and companies alike.

If you have been searching for many inspiration to include a brand new piece in order to completely redesign your home, you are in the best place.

Summer time Modern Furniture Trends

Our new arrivals concentrate on the sleek, clean lines which are the foundation of contemporary furniture, however with some twists. Concentrating on trends around coziness, we have added some pieces that envelope the consumer and enable these to relax and relax.

Muted colours, like gray, brown, and black, are key for summer time furniture trends so we have ongoing our persistence for offering our furniture in a number of shades, colours, and materials.

Glamour has additionally been a vital furniture trend for 2018 and we’re focused on making our customers feel glamorous! Our new arrivals can make any space feel lavish and add a little class.


We’re absolutely deeply in love with the style of our new Divan line. Obtainable in a settee and armchair, this tufted arrival is simply by it will get in modern furniture. Black Parts per million or leather helps make the Divan sofa and Divan armchair ideal for a sitting area, a lobby, or perhaps a lounge.

Camira made of woll would fit nicely inside a more personal setting. Adding a throw blanket across the back and a few comfortable pillows can completely alter the aesthetic of the flexible sofa!

We can not get an adequate amount of the black Parts per million. The skinny lines, wooden legs, and stitched tufting check all of the boxes for any contemporary sofa or armchair.


Staying with our colour theme of black, gray, and brown, we’ve our new Toronto Chair. The floating arms immediately set this chair out as not the same as the remainder. The bulky base invites you to definitely relax, relax, and also have a summer time cocktail together with your buddies.

The Toronto Chair is a superb compromise between modern, comfortable, and muted. The floating arms and thick base allow it to be impossible to mistake this chair for not modern, but it can squeeze into a current design without altering the area completely.

It might fit particularly well within an industrial space – for those who have an area with a lot of metals, greys, blacks, and deep colours.


Our favourite new dining chair lines will come in Wire, 4-Star, and Plywood bases, without or with arms. We all know our customers will like the Gazel lin around we all do, therefore we thought it fit to supply as numerous customizable options as you possibly can to make sure you will find a method to fit Gazel to your dining area or restaurant!

Obtainable in multiple colours, including amber, black, white-colored, gray, and turquoise (for that bold), the Gazel dining room chairs are flexible and powerful to last for many years.


If you are searching for inspiration for developing a completely modern space, you’ve thought it was using the Bellagio chairs. Obtainable in 4-Star metal legs or metal swivel, this sleek type of chairs just oozes glamour and modernity.

The Bellagio periodic chairs are actually excellent inclusions in spaces like bedrooms, offices, or sitting rooms. The metal base ensures they complement just about any colour plan or decor. These are a few of our favourite new arrivals at sohoConcept.

Plus, who does not love a swivel armchair? You just need a white-colored cat and you are occur modern trends!


If edges and straight lines turn you removed from modern furniture, the Miami chair is here now for you personally. Round cushion, round base, round arms – this cozy armchair’s unique design is the reason why it commonplace modern piece of furniture.

The skinny lines and style ensure it can squeeze into a number of spaces, which makes it ideal for condo living or rooms in hotels. Getting some a couple of them can certainly replace a settee in a tiny space.

Need to see More?

Modern furniture trends will always be altering along with a professional modern furniture store must always update their choices to remain current and discover pieces that buyers will like. sohoConcept is proud to become in front of modern furniture trends and supply our customers using the absolute latest in modern furniture design.

Visit our catalogue to determine the most recent within our modern furnishings and choices and your home or office updated using the latest furniture trends.

Start summer time served by some modern redecorating!