always adding new items and modern furniture towards the catalogue. For 2019, we’ve added numerous modern dining area chairs, office chairs, and barstools towards the collection that fit in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, plus much more.

This year, we’ve added numerous unique modern furniture lines towards the collection. Regardless if you are searching to embellish your office or home with new modern furniture, .


Our Bottega kind of modern furniture includes dining area chairs and office chairs. Available in many upholsteries, colours, and bases, our Bottega modern furnishings are sleek, simple, and cozy. The deep seat and arms make these chairs perfect for a coffee shop or restaurant or office setting that you want visitors to feel comfortable, but furthermore fit in the certain aesthetic.

The Bottega line will be chrome, nickel, and steel bases with regards to the chair of your choosing. The upholstery features a removable zipper and is altered getting a professional’s help. These chairs are available in leatherette and camira made of wool in many colours. The seat features a steel structure with “S” shape springs for additional versatility and strength to make certain these chairs will endure heavy use.


Our Buca line has expanded this year to include Buca Wood, our wood-based dining chair. Both Buca Wood and Buca Metal dining area chairs are sturdy and functional, featuring upholstery with removable velcro-enclosed material which may be altered with specialist help.

Buca Wood dining area chairs are ideal for both residential and commercial use. The underside is solid beech wood, accessible in walnut-color. The Buca dining area chairs tend to be classic inside their look, so are available in black, grey, and white-colored-colored leatherette and camira made of wool. We provide crimson and turquoise in camira made of wool for people searching to produce a statement utilizing their dining area chairs!


For people trying to find skinny, sleek barstools, the Martini Max Swivel, Martini Wire, and Martini DR Wood are excellent options. Available in many colours, their bases are understated, thin, competent to easily fit into any kitchen or restaurant. The Martini Max Swivel is fantastic for areas with short space within the bar, since the swivel function allows you to sit down lower lower in the tight space.


This year, we’ve added the Capri Wood dining chair towards the Capri collection. They are really many of our most broadly used modern dining area chairs up to now, their simple finish available in many wood bases and vibrant upholsteries make certain they’re perfect for dining rooms, areas, restaurants, offices, lobbies, plus much more.