Modern white kitchen ideas – 5 tips for designing contemporary cooking spaces

Modern white-colored-colored kitchen ideas will be the ultimate design choice for contemporary elegance within your cooking space.

Light, vibrant, plus a perfect pairing with beautiful natural materials, using white-colored-colored since the base for that kitchen ideas is certainly a continuing well-liked by those who love a obvious aesthetic.

Cautious go all white-colored-colored, however, don’t have to be boring – exercising the best way to style the type of white-colored-colored cabinetry, worktops and backsplashes with visually intriguing design flourishes will turn a simplistic design in to a showstopping one.

1. Obtain The White-colored-colored RIGHT

White-colored-colored is not only one color – and when you want to make your kitchen area feel fresh and modern, selecting the correct one for that space is important. ‘Most homeowners appreciate the benefits of testing paint colors in location but, with whites, it is essential as they can be altered beyond recognition by light and shadow,’ states Ben Hawkswell, senior designer at Roundhouse, they behind the black and white-colored-colored kitchen ideas proven in this particular example.

‘Here round the cabinets we used Hardwick White-colored-colored by Farrow & Ball, that’s a clean off-white-colored-colored that could appear just like a conventional grey in a few lights. Nevertheless it has chalky undertones that, in the sun-filled room similar to this, appear far better plus much more contemporary.’

2. Utilize A Created TILE BACKSPLASH To Incorporate INTEREST

Selecting crisp, uninterrupted white-colored-colored surfaces will feel modern, but many of will set your kitchen area vulnerable to feeling clinical and lifeless. An on-trend trick in white-colored-colored kitchen backsplash ideas that can help combat this predicament is applying created, tessellated tiles. Even when you are keen to experience a white-colored-colored backsplash to suit your cabinets, white-colored-colored created tiles – like the picket ones in this particular example, full of white-colored-colored grouting – add subtle texture and visual interest.


‘In regards to trends, we always advise individuals to steer apparent of ‘trends’ and select a vintage style in the kitchen area,’ states Isabel Fernandez, Director at Quorn Stone. While using floor into account along with your grey and white-colored-colored kitchen ideas, just like this design by Eggersmann, is important and be sure that’s stays neutral is usually ideal for a white-colored-colored plan.

‘Purchasing a stone or porcelain floor is certainly a good investment for your home then one that often takes consideration – our recommendation is always to always go neutral within your selected flooring for bottom floor spaces and rather inject color through paint colors and accessories. A lick of paint is much better to alter inside a lengthy time when compared to a different floor!’


Marble constitutes a large comeback lately, having its white-colored-colored iterations probably the most newsworthy among all. Hugely famous kitchens, marble look fabulous in the modern context when simpler patternations are selected, that is found in clean-cut forms. In this particular example, white-colored-colored marble with grey veins can be used as that monolithic hood in this particular kitchen by Amanda Evans. Marble need not be limited to grand spaces either – it truely does work just well among small white-colored-colored kitchen ideas.


‘White kitchens remain hugely popular, whatever the status that they may be too clinical for just about any home atmosphere,’ states Richard Atkins, Design Director at DesignSpace London. ‘There are numerous techniques to ‘warm up’ the appearance, for example by presenting various materials to the design plan. Natural materials with texture and/or grains for instance wood or stone work particularly well.’

In this particular example by designer Cortney Bishop, the white-colored-colored wood kitchen cabinet ideas possess a visible grain, that’s boosted with the pale wooden beamed ceilings as well as the beautiful eco-friendly marble backsplash.