Modern kitchen ideas – contemporary designs for cooking and entertaining

Welcome to everything about contemporary kitchen design. Today’s kitchen ideas move past the pared-back boxy types of old look around the exciting selection of materials and finishes available these days for cabinetry, floors and walls.

Newer kitchen ideas concentrate on creating mood and recognise time we spend within the space – so versatility, comfort, lighting and entertainment have grown to be super important.

That old cliché of ‘hub from the home’ is truer than ever before – all existence happens here, so even dedicated work stations are showing up in modern kitchen layouts. Appliances are quieter, while new technologies are super-connected so dinner can almost take proper care of itself.

And since we shouldn’t spend all day long searching at the actual process in our kitchen, modern solutions hide everything away behind tall cupboard doorways, using clever storage systems to take full advantage of the entire height of space.


Your kitchen extension is probably the most popular do it yourself project, and it’s no shocker. To entertain in style, comfort, space is essential.

Think about your needs for those scenarios, from dinner with buddies to lazy Sunday mornings and family multi-tasking through the week. The best kitchen extension ideas can provide a variety of clever methods to stretch your home.


Vibrant kitchen backsplash ideas, and colorful tiles generally, have grown to be more and more popular in the last couple of years. They are an easy way of incorporating color right into a kitchen if you like keep core paint colors more neutral.


If you are fortunate enough to have original features like wooden beams, uncovered brick or fireplaces, there’s every need to incorporate them when making a contemporary kitchen.

This mixture of new and old adds interest towards the room and provides your house its very own unique twist.

4. PLAY Hide And Go Seek

The kitchen and utility have lengthy hit the top wish list for any country kitchen, and it is switched out to become a contemporary kitchen dream too.

It’s an operating setup for any sleek kitchen created for entertaining, because it keeps the service areas from sight. But, if you have kitchen ideas this good, you will possibly not be so keen to cover them.


A properly-designed lighting plan will require your kitchen area from day-to night, supplying different light levels in various areas to match all tasks. You’ll need vibrant light in which you prepare and prep, and softer ambient light over seating areas.

Consider the way the light fittings look lit and unlit – regardless of whether you should you prefer a statement piece, as with this contemporary luxe L-formed kitchen, or something like that more discreet that’s pleased to blend throughout the day, entering its very own after hrs.