In the finish of 2017, we discussed the emerging modern furniture and style trends for 2018. Whether for your house or business, they are some trends which will become increasingly more prevalent because the year continues.

At sohoConcept, we like dealing with restaurateurs and managers to brighten restaurant spaces. With 2018, we are seeing some amazing new design trends for restaurants take hold. Modern dining room chairs would be the stars from the show in restaurants in 2018 with a number of new modern furniture trends. With sohoConcept’s modern dining room chairs, you may make your restaurant visitors comfortable as well as catch their eye like a trendy, modern restaurant.

Modern Dining Chair Trends for Restaurants

Colours & Shades

When it comes to colours for dining room chairs in restaurants, as lengthy because they complement all of those other decor, you are liberated to choose that which you like! Wooden tones with gray and black materials is trendy for neutral chairs. The Uni-ka 599 dining chair at 4d Gelato Delray is an ideal illustration of this trend using its wood base and black, curved seat.

However, if you are searching for any pop of colour, vibrant blue, eco-friendly, red, and neon colours as accents could work wonderfully. Getting an unbiased restaurant with vibrant, modern chairs can make your restaurant memorable and different.


Thin chair legs, thin tables, thin seats – minimalist furniture in restaurants is really a design trend that lots of managers and proprietors are benefiting from. Bulky furnishings are frequently a problem in restaurants, as servers, chefs, and customers need so that you can easily meander with the restaurant. The popularity of minimalist dining room chairs in restaurants is ideal for saving space and looking after modernity.


In case your restaurant does not have barstools yet, you’re ready to get caught up. Whether inside a lounge area, in the bar, or perhaps in the dining area itself, barstools really are a necessary staple of contemporary restaurant design. Preserving the minimalist and colour trends, barstools increase the depth for your restaurant and supply different choices for diners.

SohoConcept’s Tiffany Stools in Where You Started, Mississauga, Canada are a good illustration of adding barstools to produce depth, while their slim design make them simple to maneuver and tuck away.


Chrome has returned like a prominent metal for restaurants in 2018. Chrome backing and chrome legs on modern dining room chairs is completely trendy for restaurants this season. While sometimes hard to maintain and searching new, the consequence of restaurant filled with chrome dining tables and chairs is difficult to forget!


In attempting to stay modern, many restaurants have a tendency to naturally avoid classical appearance. Traditional-style dining room chairs, for example individuals with square backs, are earning a far more modern comeback for restaurants in 2018. Along with other design trends for dining room chairs, for example chrome bases or vibrant colours, chairs with square backings and much more angular styles are actually excellent inclusions in restaurants searching for contemporary trends this season.

An excellent illustration of this is actually the Patara Chair utilized in Le Meridien Charlotte now, New York. The square backing using the round seat creates a conventional look, while a variety of unique colour and pattern choices keep your restaurant modern.


Whatever design trends you select for the dining room chairs for the restaurant, make certain they are comfortable and visually appealing. Instagram-bait is really a main factor for decor in almost any business nowadays. Your decor needs to be original, modern, and different to obtain posts about this on social networking. By selecting modern dining room chairs that suit into modern design trends, you will get some free social networking promotions out of your impressed clients!

Modern Restaurant Chairs

For contemporary dining room chairs for restaurants, take a look at sohoConcept. Our number of dining room chairs are ideal for modern design trends in restaurants regardless of your decor or theme.

To learn more about today’s dining room chairs for restaurants, watch our catalogue and references or call us today!