Mixing patterns and prints in interior design – a 5-step masterclass

If, like us at H&G, you’ve got a deep-sitting down passion for interiors, mixing patterns inside a room is among the numerous skills you have to master.

Who better for all of us to inquire about to provide a masterclass than interior designer Cent Morrison and Charlotte now Gaisford, British fabric and wallpaper designers, each of whom provide expert pattern combinations in interior planning?

‘As a cloth and wallpaper designer, I embrace using plenty of pattern within my room schemes and I don’t be put off by it whatsoever,’ explains Charlotte now Gaisford. ‘The famous interior designer David Hicks stated when you cannot do pattern on pattern then don’t get it done. I’ve found that lots of people find it difficult to mix patterns, and so do pulled together some ideas and tips according to my approach within my home.’

‘I’m a large believer in entering an area and allowing it to let me know what it really needs when it comes to both color and pattern,’ states Cent Morrison. ‘When I’m decorating an area It’s my job to generate a lot of money of items of fabric then apply their way to think about where they might work inside a space.’

1. FIRST RULE: There Aren’t Any RULES

‘I like matching and mixing patterns – I refer to it as happy clashing,’ states interior designer Sophie Ashby. ‘There aren’t any rules, but similar to a skill collection where you may have a sculpture, an image, a painting along with a sketch, I that can compare with getting a floral having a stripe after which maybe an abstract pattern then one more vintage and ethnic.’


‘If I would perform a headboard inside a floral fabric, I’d most likely do plain cushions around the bed, or maybe I would perform a plain sofa then I’d visit town on many different kinds of cushions. It’s exercising restraint and never getting everything patterned, you’ll be able to really begin to see the fabric that you’re coping with.

‘Often if we’re going to utilize a pattern on a bit of upholstery, I’d then bind it having a plain trim. Therefore if it had been a floral pattern on the cushion, for instance, I’d then possess a plain eco-friendly trim, just allow it that sharpness thus making you concentrate on the pattern. I’d then use that trim colour elsewhere to link it along with the plan.’

3. START YOUR Plan Having A RUG

‘People always ask what you need to begin with when decorating an area and that i always say an area rug. Since rugs would be the hardest factor to locate matches for, if starting with bed room or family room rug ideas and work from that then you have your match before beginning,’ states Cent.

‘Creating an easy room plan and them getting a large colored or patterned rug can produce a room – nothing pulls an area together that can compare with an area rug does.

‘When putting a rug, you would like it to attend least midway beneath the key furniture within the room. My personal favorite method to add impact having a rug – which depends upon how big the area – would be to go the size of possible, and also to include about two ft in the walls. As I can’t stand plenty of little rugs, it’s lovely to include a smaller sized rug before a hearth, because it protects the ground from ash. For those who have a sizable room, with two seating areas, allow each to possess its very own rug, using the base floor showing through because this area can get walked on the lot. Avoid cotton rugs because they posess zero luxurious depth, and in addition they have a tendency to get grubby more rapidly. Stay with wools and sisals.’


‘It’s essential that you balance what color and pattern hits your skills whenever you enter an area,’ states Cent. ‘Pattern works wonderfully on a couple of home windows, but when you have an area that’s had a row of three big home windows then covering all of them with pattern will overpower one for reds from the space. For the reason that situation I’d rather make use of the pattern elsewhere, just like a sofa, chair or around the bed.

‘People are extremely frightened of mixing various things in situation it normally won’t go but if you possess the confidence to construct that which you like and just what your skills feels confident with then it’ll work with everyone else, too.’

Sophie Ashby continues: ‘Usually pattern is most effective in touches, less the primary event. I am inclined to choose plain fabrics on big expanses of furniture like sofas, simply because it may be too busy and complete otherwise.’


‘I always choose my primary fabric (usually for that curtains, or even the headboard) first,’ states Charlotte now. ‘These would be the primary points of interest from the room. I’m frequently requested for help selecting fabrics for rooms which happen to be colored. In my experience this can be a big no-no since the selections of fabric are immediately restricted.

‘It is a lot harder to locate a fabric that gels along with you than paint which is so simple to find a paint colour which goes having a fabric, as there are plenty of paint colours available.’