Minimalist kitchen ideas – 5 simple schemes for the modern home

Minimalist kitchen ideas abound on social networking and with regards to interior planning and kitchen styling, less can frequently mean more.

With busy modern lives, homeowners are actually more conscious of their decorating choices and aim to locate a balance between streamlined minimalism and splendid comfort for his or her kitchen ideas.

What is minimalist kitchen design, you may well ask? Minimalists kitchens are rooted within the principle of ridding this multi-functional space of unnecessary clutter. It’s also about harnessing the strength of a ‘clean’ space that has merely a couple of significant, valued products that spark pleasure – and effectiveness. This design philosophy also centers around a sustainable, practical and much more efficient lifestyle.

1. Choose An Exciting-White-colored KITCHEN DESIGN

Minimalist decor and white-colored kitchen ideas go hands-in-hands, therefore it pays to maintain your colors simple, understated and fuss-free.

There’s nothing cleaner or crisper than the usual pure white-colored kitchen whether that’s a contemporary kitchen design or perhaps a cozy country plan, it’s a glance that lasts, regardless of what the most recent kitchen trend might be. If you are minimalist in mind and love clutter-free kitchen ideas then this is actually the search for you.


Marble radiates easy style but going beyond crisp white-colored Carrara can speak volumes. Colored gemstones have exquisite patterns and can be used as worktops, cladding and backsplashes to include texture and personality for your plan. Marry with understated cabinetry so the beauty is decadent yet keeps a minimalist edge.

To prevent the area searching freezing or clinical, add warm metal finishes like gold, brass and copper and introduce some wood on the ground and cabinets to dial-up the visual interest.

Luxury finishes will invariably command attention and appear particularly striking inside a minimalist kitchen setting, fusing cabinetry with couture. Contrasting textures are key, so mix different surfaces to strike the best note.


Scandinavian kitchen design is distinctive for many reasons: pared-back, minimal, uncluttered spaces – along with a winning mixture of form and performance create great looking, yet practical kitchens.

Adopt Scandinavian design concepts to produce a minimalist kitchen that’s focused – featuring merely a couple of significant and valued products displayed. Rarely are you going to see a good amount of clutter inside a Scandinavian plan. Rather, anticipate seeing clean lines, modern color palettes along with a concentrate on getting the outside in by using materials present in nature.

The primary reason for Scandinavian kitchen would be to improve daily existence. Therefore, functionality is essential for kitchen ideas, and also the shape you decide on ought to be able not just to accommodate your way of life, but enhance it.


Using the kitchen coming under growing pressure to carry out a number of crucial roles, a great kitchen layout and sufficient storage tend to be more important than ever before, particularly in a minimalist space. Efficient kitchen storage ideas ought to be important with regards to planning minimal kitchen – nobody wants a busy space in the end.

To interrupt up a sizable wall of kitchen cupboard storage or perhaps a kitchen island, it may be beneficial to utilize a mixture of closed and open solutions. ‘Items for example valued ceramics or fewer commonly used vases can be put on open shelving to enjoy keep, while delicate glasses is better put into closed cabinets,’ states Jane Stewart, design director at Mowlem & Co London.


A white-colored kitchen is really a definite ‘lifestyle’ choice – there isn’t any denying that the white-colored kitchen will invariably look fresh, stylish, and complicated. However, be sensible about the quantity of attention and care it’ll need. From the practical perspective, choose non-white-colored worktops to chop lower the cleaning and wiping lower. White-colored gloss lacquer finishes can be found from most showrooms and specialists, for any more subtle look, consider matt or satin or semi-gloss finishes.

An exciting-white-colored kitchen will appear ultra-stylish, but possibly too stark and clinical, so replace a minumum of one or more elements with texture and color. Walls could be colorful – and altered yearly if required, for that cost of the couple of litres of paint.

Good kitchen floors ideas could possibly be the real anchor to some plan, and natural timber and stone (whether it’s real, laminate or replica vinyls or ceramics) frequently turns out to be a hot contrast to glossy white-colored cabinets.