Marie Kondo shares 3 steps to an organized home office – to stay tidy for good

Tidying guru Marie Kondo might have just absorbed our TVs together with her latest Netflix series Sparking Pleasure – but her reign over 2021 doesn’t finish in the small screen. Rather, the globally-famous organizer has today printed a brand new edition of her book, Pleasure at the office, which simplifies a structured work existence, so you’ll never need to try it again.

Within the latest edition of Pleasure at the office, Marie discusses a few of her office at home ideas – while discussing strategies for virtual working and organizing your workspace in your own home – that is, obviously, a accessory for her publication.

Whether you’re searching for small office at home suggestions to help make your compact space permanently seamless, or you’re searching for any professional office at home setup which will complete the job – Marie has got the answer.


‘The reason people rebound once they go to everything of cleaning up is they don’t decide where the items belongs. Simply because they have no idea where you can put things after they’ve used them, their space will get cluttered again. That’s the reason you will need to decide where you can store the items. It’s a lot simpler to help keep things tidy when you get in to the practice of immediately putting the items back where it belongs.

‘It’s important to not scatter storage for things within the same category. Storing all things in exactly the same category in the same location enables you to see instantly just how much you’ve. It has advantages. Knowing that which you have, you will no longer accumulate excess or buy unnecessary products.

‘In an over-all office setting, it’s present with store business card printing and stationery supplies within the top drawer electrical, personal-care, and food-related products within the second drawer and documents and papers within the third drawer. This is actually the fundamental storage layout for any typical office desk, but it’ll vary with respect to the kind of desk you’ve or the kind of tasks your projects involves. Make adjustments when needed and make up a space that you feel at ease working.’


‘The quantity of space for storage inside a desk is extremely limited, so you’ll wish to maximize its usefulness. Boxes are ideal for this. You should use boxes of numerous sizes as drawer dividers. Store products within the same category in a single that meets their shape and size, like a small box for products like flash drives along with a medium-sized box for private-care products like supplements.

‘Small things particularly store better when they’re arranged upright inside a box instead of placed directly inside a drawer without any dividers. This area keeps them from disintegrating into an anonymous heap and enables you to see instantly where situations are whenever you open the drawer.

‘Any kind of box that matches inside your drawer is going to do. You can purchase boxes particularly for this function or use empty ones you’ve on hands in your house. I frequently use card boxes and smartphone packages. They’re the perfect dimensions to suit in the desk drawer, which makes them very simple to use.

‘The trick would be to store everything standing upright whenever possible. This not just looks neater but maximizes the accessible space. All products which are the best height ought to be stored upright. I even store erasers and packs of sticky notes within the upright position.’


‘Your desktop is really a work surface, not really a storage cupboard, so the general rule would be to store nothing onto it. Choose a place inside your drawers as well as on your shelves for every item or category. Whenever possible, the only real things in your desk ought to be anything you need at this time for that project you’re focusing on. Bare this picture of a obvious desktop in your thoughts when you begin storing. Individuals who achieve this usually finish with simply a laptop as well as an ornament or potted plant on their own desk.

‘Designate a space for storage for stuff you use daily, like a pen or memo pad. My customers are frequently surprised to locate that it is not inconvenient whatsoever to keep this stuff from sight keep. After they experience the way a newly made desk permits them to concentrate on the work they do, they rapidly become hooked on that condition.’