Luxury bathroom ideas – modern ways to turn your space into a spa-like retreat

These luxury bathroom ideas can help your home feel and look costly and opulent superbly decorated but never at the fee for the room’s functionality.

Regardless if you are thinking about updating your master bathroom, upgrading a baby shower room or turning unused space right into a health spa-like ensuite, nowadays there are a wide array of luxury bathroom ideas open to suit everyone, from materials and colors, to fixtures and finishes.

Our top chioces of the greatest luxury bathroom ideas will equip you’ll lots of inspiration that will help you make your dream bathroom.


Turn to the good thing about natural timber for warmth – along with a health spa bathroom feel. Because of the desire to produce a sanctuary in your own home, the restroom has turned into a retreat, a personal oasis to assist restore physical and mental wellbeing. With this particular comes a escape from clinical style. Wood has become the fabric preferred by its natural splendor and heat it conjures the quiet luxury of the health spa.

‘Cladding walls in wood brings the health spa-like quality of timber to some bathroom and aid in reducing echo,’ states Yousef Mansuri, director of design, C.P. Hart. However, there are lots of methods to introduce timber for your bathroom plan, from the simple small stool to some timber-fronted vanity. Wood baths are similar to Japanese soaking tubs, as the warm dry air of the naturally scented wood sauna provides the ultimate indulgence.


Curved shapes can visually transform your bathroom, adding gentleness and unparalleled luxury to some space well known because of its hard surfaces. Similar to organic forms – an even pebbles, the blossom of the flower or perhaps a full moon – the most recent luxury fittings are made to bring a feeling of nature in to the bathroom.

For optimum impact, the easiest method to introduce rounded shapes is by using them for that two key points of interest – the basin area and also the bath. If it is not a choice, then curved accessories, from tables to mirrors, can soften the plan.

3. Increase The THERAPEUTIC Advantages Of WATER Having A LUXURY SHOWER

The move towards showers that provide a customized experience provides a much greater chance to build up your bathrooms like a sensual and splendid retreat.

As manufacturers have committed to shower technology, they’re giving us more possibility to enjoy the advantages of hydrotherapy in your own home. You can select a sports-style directional shower mind made to deliver an invigorating experience which help relieve muscle discomfort, or perhaps a plate-style mind with water that falls like soft rain to drench your skin and relax your brain.

‘Buy from the quality manufacturer to attain a level spray over the shower mind,’ states Yousef Mansuri. ‘Luxury shower panels can measure 1,000-1,200mm long, and want high water pressure to function effectively.’


Tactile finishes please the senses and introduce visual style to some luxury bathroom. For several years, bathrooms happen to be about ultra-practical smooth surfaces, brassware and tiles. But more and more the look has focused less on pure functionality and much more on functionality combined with style and comfort – and also the tactile quality of toilet fittings has progressed to the forefront.

The good thing about using texture in interior planning isn’t just aesthetic, but additionally lavish and sensual: so how exactly does a tap feel to the touch? In lots of ways, the restroom is how are are in our most vulnerable, so surfaces that feel pleasing can boost the cocooning effect.


As permanent fixtures, colorful sanitaryware requires unswerving commitment, and isn’t for that faint hearted.

‘Colored sanitaryware is certainly seeping back to bathrooms now, and we’ve had orders for stunning fittings in deep mustards, heritage vegetables and teal blues,’ reports Louise Ashdown, mind of design, West One Bathrooms.

‘If you’re still sitting undecided, choose white-colored sanitaryware with paintable exteriors, like surefire baths which retro basin – West One’s Broadway basin is comparable. For any more discreet color pop, consider colorful brassware in statement fiery oranges and zingy limes.’