Living room wall lighting ideas – 5 stylish ways to brighten your space

Family room wall lighting ideas really are a must-have inside a well-designed space. We frequently discuss layering lighting because it’s so answer to allowing the right mood – but family room wall lights can perform not only tiny enjoyable ambient lighting.

Selected carefully, they’re integral for your family room ideas – making small spaces feel bigger and enormous rooms cozier. They may be used to highlight architecture, artwork and books, and bold designs could be a feature themselves.

Below, we showcase precisely what fabulous family room wall lighting ideas can perform for the space.


Directional lights are an enchanting and undervalued tool for creating layers of sunshine and adding atmosphere.’ states Joanna Spindler from Graham & Eco-friendly.

‘Angling a discreet beam lower more than a favorite artwork, sculpture, or perhaps in this situation an archive player, enables you to definitely influence the way in which your house feels and it is experienced. The antiqued brass provides a soft golden glow, as the light in all of those other room remains low and intimate. Bathing corners of the rooms in little pockets of sunshine means they are come to life and feel attractive and warm – just like a house ought to be.’

2. CHOOSE Family Room WALL LIGHTS To Include An Ornamental ASPECT

Family room wall lighting ideas ought to be both practical and functional, but they’re clearly a part of your decor plan, so match the types of materials, otherwise the look, to another lighting you’ve – for instance, this contemporary pendant light, using its glass shades and black body, matches the wall light perfectly.

Helen Pett, design ambassador at Arteriors London adds: ‘Discrete and atmospheric, family room wall lights take little space and may give a decorative flourish. We view lovely types of customers using wall lights in pairs or trios along the size of their walls, framing cabinets, ornate mirrors, paired alongside floor lights – which look stylish and different while creating various amounts of illumination.’


Small family room lighting ideas can actually enhance a good space, having a shade that throws light upwards and downwards allowing the neat visual trick of exaggerating the room’s vertical proportions.

‘Wall lighting is an elegant and versatile lighting choice for any living room, they’re particularly great if space is confined and it’s not necessary much table or space on the floor for lamps.

‘They are a good alternative source of light for layering with ceiling lighting as they’re beautiful as both ambient and accent lighting, and can produce a striking design statement themselves.

‘When positioning your wall lights, the perfect height and spacing is determined by the style and size from the fitting, the proportions from the room and the type of look you’re attempting to create,’ explains Rohan Blacker, founding father of Pooky.

4. USE Family Room WALL LIGHTS To Produce A COZY Studying NOOK

Use a wall lighting inside a family room – whatever its size – to produce a cozy corner – a directional light such as the one above strikes the right balance of functionality and ornamental effect.

This kind of family room wall lighting can participate your lighting plan in fashion, or, if it’s inside a more secluded corner from the family room you can select a light that’s more individual, such as this design.


Family room wall lighting ideas are usually utilized as secondary fixtures, having a pendant to be the primary feature light. But there’s simply no reason a wall light can’t step to the plate and become the statement light inside your family room, as above.

Helen Pett, design ambassador at Arteriors London gives her advice: ‘Depending around the style you’re searching for, consider whether you need to incorporate decorative, statement silhouettes or else you should you prefer a more minimal solution. Arrange for this at the start of the look process, as you will have to element in the wiring of every fixture.’