Living room trends 2022 – 11 key looks for your lounge

Fundamental essentials greatest family room trends you should know about before embark on the redesign – from fantastic florals to damaged-plan living.

With regards to the most recent design trends, we’re not thinking about fads which will date rapidly. Rather, we’ve focussed on timeless, elegant family room ideas which will endure beyond this season – to be able to be inspired and style a family room with full confidence.

The most recent family room trends 2022 suffer from from catwalk fashion to the growing need to design sustainably, because the family room pictures below demonstrate.

1. Take Full Advantage Of MIRRORS

Among the earliest methods is by using mirrors to increase light. Within this plan by K&H Design, a Rupert Bevan slumped mirror fills each alcove. This southwest-facing room already taken advantage of lots of light what it really lacked was atmosphere. The mirrors help project the sun’s rays through the room while increasing a feeling of space. Make use of a similar antiqued finish when focusing on this scale. It doesn’t only soften the glow of sunshine but anything having a smoother surface runs the chance of tipping into beauty salon territory.

‘The decorative family room lighting ideas add drama and includes the contemporary and old using the antique chinoiserie lamp,’ say Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson, co-founders of K&H Design.


‘I love a wraparound book storage idea – it can make an area feel so cozy, as well as in a colored finish it’s not as heavy or traditional like a natural wood finish can seem to be,’ states interior designer Elizabeth Hay, who designed this plan. This wonderfully vibrant blue colorway can also be damaged up through the textured wallcovering behind the family room sofa, allowing the area and artwork to breathe.

To produce a cohesive plan, link the paint towards the upholstery, possibly with the addition of cushions, throws and trimmings in similar shades. It’s worth picking out a second or third ‘lead’ color – completed with red and eco-friendly here – to be able to link in additional aspects of the area without them seeming too ‘done’ and excessively coordinated.

3. Increase Your LAYERED PALETTE

Whenever you typically think about using paint trends to produce impact inside a room, the very first thought is commonly drenching the walls inside a vibrant hue. Although this is a attempted and tested method of developing a statement, there are other delicate methods to achieve as much of the impact.

Within this plan from interior designer Anna Spiro, a higher-gloss white-colored paint around the walls bounces around light, making the surfaces nearly appear liquid with shine. Architectural details happen to be selected in an attractive deep yellow, adding not just color, but a great grounding element. Family room furniture ideas and accessories in similar although not quite matching tones produce a warming spectrum regarding over the space.


A taken into consideration clashing color combination can produce a family room that really sings with pleasure. This can be a space for socializing and retreat, so you’d like shades that both enliven and luxury you.

‘Pink and eco-friendly is among my personal favorite color combinations – they play really rich one another and it is a terrific way to cheer up an area,’ states Lucy Barlow, founder, Barlow & Barlow.

Balance is essential, especially as many folks continue to be working at home. Integrating more neutral tones to offset your bold hues might help bring calm for when you really need to concentrate, but you’ll be able to change and become energized when it’s time for you to turn off during the day and permit the area to go back to its primary function.


Inspired through the vibrant patterns and ebullient hues seen around the catwalk, color is getting new energy to interiors in 2022.

This colorful family room trend are available in new, vibrant family room paint ideas and bold accessories – supplying a significantly needed feeling of relief and escapism during these trying occasions.

‘Sometimes customers are reluctant about following color trends, believing that it’ll either make an excessive amount of an announcement or date too rapidly,’ states interior designer Rebecca Leivars. ‘One single block of the bold color could possibly be the making of the plan it’s a terrific way to lift an area design.’

Use a a little color against an unbiased backdrop, or a mix of colors of the identical range, for example blue walls with fabrics in a variety of shades of blue. These hues will appear stunning together and add depth and layers of great interest to some plan, possibly by having an emerald eco-friendly or burnt orange accent tossed set for good measure.

‘When selecting family room palettes, my favorite advice is always to browse around you,’ explains Rebecca. ‘If you reside in a city, more powerful hues, for example reds, vegetables and yellows, look great against our grey-blue skyline. If you possess the luxury of eco-friendly space, then you might like to choose a mix of earthy hues that blend superbly using the scenery, or use orange and fiery tones to include warmth towards the plan.’