Living room feng shui – 10 ways to use its principles in your design

Family room feng shui may bring the advantages guaranteed with this Chinese art to your house. Use its concepts to create the area, and enhancements in the caliber of existence are guaranteed.

Feng shui is definitely an ancient practice, only one that is famous western interior planning in the last several decades. In feng shui, structures, objects, and spaces are arranged to enhance the flow of chi, or even the existence pressure. To do this yin and yang elements are balanced.

Here, we’ve come up with family room ideas to let you use feng shui concepts inside your space, along with advice from designers who follow its philosophy within their projects.

1. INTRODUCE Outdoors

Letting air to your room is essential when following a concepts of family room feng shui.

‘Open a window,’ recommends Joshua Cruz, founder and principal designer of Joshua Cruz Corporation. ‘Fresh air also circulates the power or chi of your house while growing the oxygen levels and eliminating airborne bacteria.’

2. BALANCE The Weather

Designers who employ the concepts of feng shui utilize the ancient system from the five elements. ‘The formal family room within this project was created while using five important elements of feng shui: wood, metal, earth, water, and fire,’ explains Andrew Henry, director at Andrew Henry Interiors.

‘Multiple wooden furniture pieces were utilised inside the room such as the client’s existing Chinese table and console. They were placed alongside metal sculptures and vases, oversized real plants (earth) and reflective surfaces (water).

‘An accent of deep maroon was utilized through the property to represent fire which symbolizes passion and.’

3. Generate One

Decorating with mirrors can enjoy a huge role in family room feng shui, and it is stated to draw in success if properly placed. Remember that hanging it therefore it reflects an attractive view brings positive energy, but reflecting features for example electric wires isn’t advisable. When selecting where you can hang one, it should not be placed over a sofa or chair.

It’s worth considering, too, that because mirrors are stated to mirror negative energy in addition to positive, that‘s the case with guests’ powers if you are entertaining!

4. Generate PLANT Existence

Vegetation is a welcome accessory for an area in feng shui. ‘Placing plants within the corners of the room could work especially along with, based on the rules of feng shui, this is when chi, the existence pressure, may become stuck and start to stagnate,’ explains Kelly Collins, interior designer and mind of creative for Swyft.

‘Bringing existence to those areas with plants is a fantastic way to obtain your chi flowing again and make up a positive atmosphere in a room.’


Seriously consider family room layout ideas if following a tenets of family room feng shui. The couch, as the most crucial furniture piece within the room, ought to be in what’s known as the ‘commanding position’ – that’s the one where you stand conscious of what’s coming both literally but additionally with regards to potential possibilities in existence.

When located on the couch you will be able to begin to see the entrance towards the room clearly without having to be directly consistent with it. Observe that the doorway towards the room itself ought to be stored obvious in feng shui.