Living room chandelier ideas – stunning styles for luxurious lighting

For elegance by the bucket load, family room chandelier ideas are an immediate way to produce a feeling of everyday occasion in your living area.

But while they’re initially regarded as a few of the more outlandish family room lighting ideas, chandeliers could be more adaptable than you could expect.

Essentially, a chandelier is understood to be any hanging light fitting with multiple light sources, usually on branches. What this means is it may range in fashion from dripping in cut very beads to minimal and modern, from gargantuan to petite – therefore meaning you’ll be able to look for a chandelier to match any family room ideas.


Chandeliers are not going to be quiet and reserved, so why wouldn’t you go as bold while you dare? ‘Statement chandeliers would be the jewellery of the interior,’ states Owen Pacey, Founding father of Renaissance London. ‘A fantastic way to gain levels your family room is by using a great, statement chandelier, whether that’s a luxuriant, rococo-style, gilt piece or perhaps a contemporary sputnik globe.’

Family room wall lighting ideas may also create a statement, however a chandelier makes this type of decision absolutely unmissable. This magnificent chandelier full of natural motifs is a superb contender towards the room’s other bold design features, in the octagonal in shape skylight towards the pink rug, all tempered by crisp white-colored walls.

2. Ensure That It Stays Compared

Chandeliers aren’t only for sprawling country estates and grand halls – they can certainly work perfectly as small family room lighting ideas.

‘You may use a chandelier in almost any space regardless of how small or big,’ states Pacey. ‘It’s by pointing out design and size the chandelier that you select. Keep chandelier designs compared towards the area.’ Within this small family room, a luxuriant very empire chandelier continues to be scaled lower to match the area, lending the area elegance without having to be overbearing.


‘Opt for something timeless,’ suggests Matthew Currington, Technical Director in the Lighting Superstore. ‘Go full-scale by having an eye-catching, classic chandelier to produce a focus for that hallway, over a staircase or perhaps in your family room.’

An long lasting favourite among family room ceiling light ideas may be the candle chandelier. It’s a vintage silhouette that may be construed in various styles, but always adds a feeling of elegance towards the room. Within this space, an attractive example with very pendants bakes an suddenly seamless pairing using the room’s contemporary decor.

4. Ensure That It Stays CLASSIC WITH Very

When thinking on how to plan family room lighting, it’s vital that you consider how light will travel out of your fitting to all of those other room. Very has lengthy been a popular material for chandeliers for being able to bounce light around a space.

‘Bring a refined touch towards the family room having a very chandelier taking center stage,’ states Natalie Mann, Cool Product Development Co-ordinator for Legendary Lights. ‘The elaborate, intricate, and thoughtful design adds a little glamour and luxury towards the space and helps to create an immediate wow-factor. Frequently connected using the Gatsby era, the timeless design features a variety of crystals that distribute the sunshine inside a mesmerising fashion, developing a soft and ambient glow.’


The chandelier has centuries in history, and it has ongoing evolving all through this time around. The ‘sputnik’ chandelier – named for that famous satellite – is its mid-century modern incarnation, along with a stylish favorite among current family room lighting trends. Embrace asymmetry and dynamism with this particular one for any faintly space age look – within this room, the chandelier is combined with golden neon for any truly exciting lighting plan.