Living room ceiling light ideas – tips for statement lighting in your lounge

Family room ceiling light ideas are not only an approach to illuminating the most crucial room in the home – they’re a fixture which will make a significant design statement.

Selecting lighting for the family room ideas that both work functionally and provide your personality could make the area feel much more like home.

Ceiling lighting is the most crucial light in almost any room, however their position -most typically in the heart of the family room, a significant draw for that eye on entering – ensures they are screaming to become injected with personality and fun too.


‘A light is a great way to throw surprise inside a room, to merge modern with traditional,’ states Martin Waller, Founding father of Andrew Martin. ‘Putting a commercial style lamp or perhaps a graphic mid-century form inside a traditional stucco setting injects excitement, equally a skill Deco chandelier inside a stark, modern plan.’

While family room wall lighting ideas will also be an excellent space to make a design statement, ceiling lighting can place the contrast in the forefront. Within this home, a contemporary black light fitting breaks out of the home’s traditional plaster mouldings.


This isn’t time to become shy – oversized lights are an increasing trend in family room decor. Within this example, a dark metal chandelier isn’t just tall, but sprawls dramatically over the central third from the room to produce a really impressive feature. Obviously, fixtures of comparable dimensions wouldn’t be appropriate among small family room lighting ideas, but you may still have fun with a feeling of scale in rooms associated with a size.


As family room lighting trends go, the statement pendant is a that’s prone to hang in there for some time in the future, states Piero de Marchis, Founding father of Detail Lighting.

‘As designers and homeowners seek more uniqueness and individuality within their interiors, statement lighting especially statement pendants will end up more and more prevalent,’ explains de Marchis. ‘From sculptural singular wow-factor pieces to sleek cluster designs, striking pendant lighting is a popular fixture in homes [within the next year].’


When thinking on how to plan family room lighting, consider the way you would use it to ‘zone’ the area. Pendant lights are ideal for creating a focus usually in the heart of the area or highlighting a substantial seating zone, like the one out of this situation, located in another nook.

‘Firstly, decide if you’re getting a main pendant,’ states de Marchis. ‘If so, it’s vital that you know regardless if you are planning to have this like a decorative piece or maybe it will function as the primary lighting source within the space. Usually we discover that despite a vibrant pendant, you will see extra light needed as pendants can cast shadows.’


Chandeliers aren’t the only preserve of period qualities, nor do they have to seem like they’ve been plucked from the 1700s. Have a contemporary method of family room chandelier ideas rather – within this Salt Lake City home by designer Alice Lane, a sputnik-style chandelier emits a mid-century modern vibe, made contemporary with the luxurious mixture of brass and black.