Lighting ideas for small kitchens – 5 ways to brighten up compact rooms

Lighting suggestions for small kitchens need to deliver on lots of fronts. They have to result in the room safe and simple for preparing and cooking and, frequently, produce the right atmosphere for dining, too.

But kitchen ideas – particularly individuals for tight spaces – also needs to visually expand the area therefore it doesn’t seem like a little kitchen when you are spending some time there. Also among the list of demands? Small kitchen lighting needs to look great, too, creating an effect around the decor and frequently a significantly-needed focus.

To keep you going, we’ve come up with the very best lighting solutions for small kitchens. And we’ve also requested expert designers to talk about their understanding of lighting a little kitchen.


Kitchen lighting ideas tend to be more nearly impossible to find right than lighting for other rooms – partially since the space is really intensively used and frequently filled with hubbub. Even though your small kitchen might enjoy good sun light, it’s more prone to haven’t much or none in either case, it’s necessary to plan kitchen lighting included in the kitchen design to ensure that there’s good overall light, together with task lighting and have lighting, for any practical and complicated plan.


Small kitchen ideas don’t require barely-there lights. ‘Lighting is among the most significant elements inside a room as it features a profound impact on our emotional reaction to space it sets the atmosphere and also the surrounding atmosphere,’ states Simeon Chilvers, md of bespoke sculptural lighting company Cameron Design House.

‘Light naturally draws our eyes in and so i will always be of the perception that what holds that light ought to be beautiful, interesting to check out and meticulously crafted. A geometrical pendant light suspended effortlessly in the ceiling over a kitchen island creates an excellent centerpiece and is a fantastic way to light a little kitchen.’

2. Be Seduced By VINTAGE STYLE

Where once lighting suggestions for small kitchens were restricted to subtle downlights, the trend is perfect for modern kitchen lighting ideas that provide the area lots of personality. A design with vintage style such as this one could suit you perfectly if yours is really a traditional or transitional room – however it may also bring an excellent twist to some contemporary room.

A little kitchen might not have sufficient floor place to accommodate a tropical, however a light design such as this one looks fabulous over a dining room table, assisting to define this zone from the room.

3. LIGHT Your Career

Incorporating task lighting into small kitchen layouts is important for efficient and safe preparation and cooking, and wall lights such as these Original BTC designs from Amos Lighting can frequently be the easiest method to provide it.

‘Task lights are particularly important in a tiny space, so make sure you consider in which you position it. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in one’s own shadow, so err on more instead of less,’ states Oli Moss, designer at Roundhouse Furniture.


Kitchen lighting trends aside, common spotlights may be one of the sleekest lighting suggestions for small kitchens, included in the overall lighting plan. Here they’ve been located over the counter and also the sink and faucet.

‘Position spots directly above key areas to guarantee the light isn’t blocked when you stand in the sink, hob or counter,’ states Melissa Klink, Harvey Johnson kitchen designer.

When selecting spotlights, you have to think about: just how much light does our kitchen need? This can make sure that you don’t over- or under-light your kitchen area. A professional electrician will help you do this.

Because this kitchen shows, small dimensions needn’t restrict you to definitely selecting light-colored cabinets. Within this room white-colored walls reflect light to brightening effect allowing using a statement cabinet shade.

5. Consider Using A TRIO

With regards to kitchen island lighting, a number of pendants is definitely an appealing alternative one light. Taking a look at lighting suggestions for small kitchens that do not have the advantage of plentiful sun light, you might like to take inspiration out of this room and go for designs such as these from Fritz Fryer. With obvious glass shades it normally won’t block any light.

Curvaceous shades like forms of a nice contrast to some kitchen’s straight lines and angles.